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The AMC's Annual Summit highlights the people who make AMC's mission real everyday- our dedicated volunteers!

The 139th Annual Summit  will be held on Saturday, January 24, 2015.

The day's activities will include:
  • Exciting and Interesting Sessions and Trainings
  • AMC Historical Film Fest: 1959's A Mountain Holiday
  • AMC Committee Meetings
  • Delicious Buffet Lunch
  • 139th Annual Business Meeting
  • Celebration Reception

Cost: $30 - Attend any combination of sessions, trainings, committee meetings and the 139th Business Meeting - plus enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and kickoff a fantastic year in the outdoors with two complimentary drinks and hor d'oeuvres at our Celebration Reception

Location: This year we will be gathering again at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel and Conference Center in Norwood, Massachusetts. 

Hotel Accommodations: Arrangements have been made for a special AMC rate at the Four Points by Sheraton. The rate includes a full buffet breakfast. 

The AMC group rates are:
  • Standard Queen (1 bed): $109* (single occupancy)
  • King or (2) Queen: $129* (single occupancy) or $139* (double occupancy)
*plus applicable taxes
To book your hotel reservation, please contact the hotel's Reservation Manager at 781-255-3118 and mention the AMC Annual Summit to receive the discounted rate. 


The Appalachian Mountain Club's Annual Summit is a time of celebration! 

As always at Annual Summit, AMC will be awarding several clubwide awards to some of our most dedicated volunteers. AMC has thousands of amazing  volunteers that deserve to be recognized for their commitment and hard work. Please take a moment to nominate a volunteer that you think should be considered for one of the clubwide awards. For more information, nomination forms, and lists of past award recipients, go to



139th Annual Business Meeting
The 139th Business Meeting will start at 4:00 p.m. at the Four Points by Sheraton in Norwood, MA.

Included in this meeting:
  • Introduction of new board members
  • Recognition of retiring VMF and clubwide committee chairs
  • Introduction of new Chapter Chairs
  • Presentation of clubwide volunteer awards
  • Other club business as needed

All members are welcome to attend and registration is required.

Committee Meetings
The following meetings are scheduled for the Annual Summit. Meetings are open to all members, though only committee members may participate in any votes taken. Registration is required.

Committee Time  Room
Adventure Travel Committee
8:00- 12:00
Trails Committee
8:00- 12:00
Chapters Committee 8:00- 12:00
Clubwide Conservation Committee 9:00- 11:00
Volunteer Managed Facilities Committee 9:00- 12:00 tbd
Chapter Webmaster Meeting 9:45- 11:00tbd
Chapter Membership Chairs Meeting1:00-3:00tbd
Outdoor Leadership Development Committee 1:00- 3:00
139th Annual Business Meeting
4:00- 5:00 tbd

Sign up for a series of sessions that will teach you new skills and develop your existing talents while giving you plenty of time to meet other people who share your interests and passions. We hope that you will find a session that inspires you!

Please click sessions titles to view full descriptions.

Annual Summit 2015 Sessions and Trainings Time  Location
AMC Historical Film Fest: A Mountain Holiday  11am or 3pm TBD
Great Summer Adventures Await You! Do you hear the call of AMC's Hidden Gems? 1pm TBD
Show and Tell and Touch: A Trip into the AMC's Archives 1pm TBD
Group Dynamics and Management for Outdoor Leaders: Beyond the Group Life Cycle 3pm TBD
Training for Impact: Tools and Strategies to keep any Audience Engaged 2pm TBD
Splinting in the Backcountry: A Refresher 11am TBD
Trail Tools: Maintenance, Use and Storage 1pm TBD
Sharing is Caring: How We Can Share AMC with Everyone 2pm TBD
Volunteer for Trails!  2pm TBD
Traveling through Adventure: A World Tour 2pm TBD
When Our Energy Footprint Threatens the Outdoors - What's a hiker to do? 1pm TBD
Speaking Up: Advocacy for the Outdoors 11am TBD
Bring Paddling into Your Outdoor Experience: Organizing for Safety and Enjoyment 11am TBD
Online Resources for Volunteers 2pm TBD
Problem Participant Scenarios 3pm TBD
Center for Outdoor Learning and Leadership 3pm TBD
Navigation and Weather for Sea Kayakers 3pm TBD
So you want to Volunteer? 9:45am TBD
InterChapter Paddling Committee Case Study 9:45am TBD
Protecting our Forests: Stop the spread of Invasive Pests! 11am or 2pm or 3pm TBD
Family Leader Training (all day) 9am- 5pm TBD


AMC Historical Film Fest: A Mountain Holiday

Join AMC Archivist Becky Fullerton for a hiking adventure with Mountain Holiday in this year’s edition of the ever-popular AMC Historical Film Fest. Created by AMC’s Rock Climbing Committee in 1959, this was the first film produced by AMC. This epic saga takes viewers on a hike from AMC’s Pinkham Notch Camp to the summit of Mount Washington. The day ends at AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds Hut. The film concludes with a hike down the Crawford Path in foul weather. Along the route are depicted ways in which a hiker’s future mountain holidays can be safer and more meaningful. Take a fun and educational look back at our early efforts in mountain safety. Questions and discussion welcome! BYO Popcorn. The film has been entirely restored and digitized through a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Great Summer Adventures Await You! Do you hear the call of AMC's Hidden Gems?

Some of the finest hiking, bicycling, swimming and boating vacations come reasonably priced at AMC’s volunteer managed outdoor centers, camps and cabins (VMFs). Spectacular scenery and daily outdoor adventures await! Stay for a few days, a full week, or longer to make treasured memories and lifelong friends. Each of our gems offers unique opportunities for families, singles, couples, and groups. It is never too early to start planning your summer vacation, especially when the outdoor adventures are at such bargain prices! I know you can hear the call – we look forward to you joining us!

Join AMC Archivist Becky Fullerton for an informal Q&A session about our club’s Library and Archives. See firsthand examples of some of the interesting artifacts and documents in the Archives’ collections. Learn about our ongoing collecting, documentation, and digitization efforts, and get answers to questions about preserving your own outdoors memorabilia.

Group Dynamics and Management for Outdoor Leaders: Beyond the Group Life Cycle

While many leadership courses teach the group life cycle model (forming, storming, norming, etc.), this interactive session will take a deeper look into behavioral science and interpersonal communication models to exercise and grow leaders’ confidence in establishing expectations and managing group dynamics.  We will not focus on “worst case scenarios”; rather, participants will collaborate and discuss tools and techniques for outdoor leaders that positively influence group dynamics and can be broadly applied to their next leadership opportunity. 

This is a workshop for anyone who has tried to communicate a message to a group of people…and been frustrated to see glazed eyes and disengaged minds during their talk.  What do the most effective teachers, trainers, and speakers do to keep their audience engaged and make sure their message is absorbed?  In this workshop, we will focus on some of the most accessible answers to this question, with the intention of giving you a few more tools to work with when you are next presenting to a group.  Whether you want your trailhead talk to be “stickier,” your lesson to be more interesting, or your students to demonstrate greater proficiency, the teaching tools and strategies in this workshop will help you get there.

Dust off the cravats and SAM splints!  This hands-on improvised splinting session will provide attendees an opportunity to work in groups to create basic lower leg and lower arm splints using items commonly found in a backpack and first aid kit.  This session will provide no certification to attendees; rather it will simply be an opportunity for individuals with a current wilderness first aid certification to refresh themselves with splinting materials and techniques.

The AMC Trails Department staff will review the use and maintenance of trail tools. Participants will have the opportunity to learn chainsaw maintenance, hand tool sharpening (axe, Pulaski, loppers etc) and the staff will show how to hang wooden handles.  There will be plenty of time for folks to ask questions.

We can all agree that AMC is great. Come learn how you can be a part of how we share the AMC with local communities at festivals, fairs and other events! Volunteers who love to talk to people about AMC are needed to represent the club at a range of fun and interactive events throughout the region. Attendees will have some of the first opportunities to sign up for some of 2015’s fun events and have the chance to test their current knowledge of AMC.

AMC volunteers work on land and water trails from the Mid Atlantic to Maine making the outdoors accessible for millions of people. This workshop will help you find ways to join in and give back to trails. Whether you live near the Pennsylvania Highlands Trail Network, the Bay Circuit Trail, the New England National Scenic Trail or the Connecticut River Paddlers Trail, we always have plenty of work for trails volunteers. And, if you don't live near one of our current trail projects, learn how you can give back to local trails near you!

Have you ever wanted to travel to far-off locales and discover hidden natural wonders the world over? AMC's Adventure Travel program crisscrosses the globe on amazing adventures! Come listen to stories and see pictures of some recent experiences and discover how you can get involved, either as a trip leader or as a participant!

Across the AMC region, special places and our outdoor experience are increasingly at risk from the impacts of our ongoing energy needs---from weather patterns altered by climate change, the impacts of air pollution, and by energy permits requiring new transmission lines, pipelines, or drilling permits. Trip leaders from hikers to paddlers to skiers should attend this workshop to hone their knowledge and skills in addressing these threats through personal action and raising awareness as a trip leader. You will leave knowing about AMC’s approach toward energy policy, the power of the Clean Air Act to protect outdoor recreation, how to talk about environmentally balanced cleaner energy, and tips for energy conservation since the cleanest energy is the energy not used.

Speaking Up: Advocacy for the Outdoors

Join AMC staff, Conservation Chapter Leaders and a Massachusetts State Legislator to learn about how AMC members and volunteers can get involved in our club wide conservation policy initiatives. We'll highlight AMC's key advocacy priorities across the region, and discuss the role of advocates in the public policy process, and offer tips for effective advocacy skills. We hope participants will discover new ways to use their recreational experience and strategies to engage in and support AMC's policy agenda.

Bringing Paddling into Your Outdoor Experience: Organizing for Safety and Enjoyment

New paddlers need to understand how trips operate and their responsibilities in being a good trip participant. Leaders must understand the needs and interests of participants. Through guided discussions and interactive scenarios, the basics of planning a trip (sea kayak, whitewater, flat water) will be the focus of this session. Offered by the Interchapter Paddling Committee, this is intended for new paddlers, those interested in become paddling leaders and active paddling leaders.  

Online Resources for Volunteers

Online tools are only useful if you know how to use them. There are a huge variety of resources available to you online as an AMC volunteer from online activity listings and weekly digests to the volunteer Summit and more! Do you know all the tricks and secrets to all of the tools at your disposal? Ask questions and learn all about the resources that are only a keystroke away!

Problem Participant Scenarios

Have you ever dealt with a difficult participant during a part of your trip process? The know-it-all, the unprepared wanderer, and the demanding first-timer are just some of the extreme personality types a leader might experience on an activity. Together, we’ll work through sample scenarios and talk about how to manage difficult personalities pre, post, and during your trips.

Center for Outdoor Learning and Leadership

Learn about a very new AMC initiative – Center for Outdoor Learning and Leadership (COLL). The COLL is intended to make it far easier for people to get outside, further their connection to the outdoors, learn new skills, and build their connection to AMC.  First we will provide an overview of COLL including the experiential and online project components.   Then, through discussion and interactive activities, we will delve into some components which are especially relevant to our volunteers, providing a chance to share input with the staff and volunteers working on COLL.

Navigation and Weather for Sea Kayakers

An understanding of navigation and tide charts is important for sea kayaking safety. During this interactive session, we will look at charts, declination, harbor markers, naval rules of the road and the impacts of tide changes. Resource books will be suggested for further reading. 

So you want to Volunteer?

Do you want to volunteer with the AMC? There are so many options from trail work to leading trips and activities, committees to conservation lobbying and more! This session is a great introduction to all of the volunteer opportunities available at AMC.

InterChapter Paddling Committee Case Study

In this interactive session, we will use an in-depth case study to explore and learn from a past paddling incident. Through small group discussions and guided review, the goal of this session is to assist participants in understanding the variables that influence outcomes in the field. We will also discuss the benefits of using case studies as a tool to engage new and existing activity leaders. This session is designed for active paddlers, paddling leaders and committee chairs that have a role in training new leaders.

Protecting our Forests: Stop the spread of Invasive Pests!

Asian Longhorned Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer have made their way to Massachusetts, threatening the ecological and recreational services our forests provide. Join Greg Goodfellow, Forest Pest Outreach Coordinator for the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, for a hands-on workshop where you’ll use real specimens and infested wood to learn how to identify these invasive forest pests and the tree damage they cause. You’ll also learn how you can help stop the spread of these and other invasive pests and what free resources are available to help you in your efforts.

Family Leader Training

This training will prepare participants to become family leaders, particularly those interested in leading Outdoors Rx family programs. This training will focus on family day hikes and Outdoors Rx family programs, but concepts apply to all AMC activities. Topics to be covered include leadership styles, group management, safety considerations, and trip planning, all with kids in mind. We will combine indoor classroom time with outdoor leadership practice, so be prepared to spend time outside. More details will be shared upon registration.


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