Trail Design & Construction

Building Trails Since 1876


Throughout its history the AMC has maintained a strong tradition of working in partnership with other conservation organizations, agencies, and groups for open space protection and sustainable management of natural resources. With the maintenance responsibility for over 1,800 miles of trail from Maine to Pennsylvania, AMC is recognized as a leader in recreation management.

Since 1919, the AMC has been supported by a professional trail building crew that maintains and constructs trails throughout the Northeast. From bridge construction to trail maintenance to design and planning, the AMC trail crew has the know-how and enthusiasm to help you complete your projects.

As the nation’s oldest and most experienced conservation and recreation organization with a long history of successful initiatives, the AMC staff can provide a wide range of professional trail building services to all land managers and land owners.

Services Available - Trail Building, Planning & Maintenance

  • Trail inventory and assessment

  • New trail planning, layout, and design

  • Trail construction and re-construction

  • Specialized trail features (bridges, ladders, boardwalks, etc.)

  • Trail maintenance

  • Removal of invasive species

  • Leadership for volunteer crew and projects

Recent Trail Building Projects

  • Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire - Created a section of new trail, as well as improved existing trails, bridges, bog bridges, etc.

  • Town of Stratham, NH - Constructed 1/2 mile of gravel accessible trail, as well as a series of bridges and boardwalks

  • Blue Hills Reservation, MA (DCR) - Completed trail maintenance, as well as trail re-routes to improve trail system

  • Block Island, RI (USFW) - Spent time removing invasive species from the island

  • Burnt Island, ME - Improved trail network on the island, including bridges and rock work

For more information on trail building services contact:

Andrew Norkin
Director of Trails and Recreation Management
PO Box 298 Gorham NH 03581
(603) 466 8124

Kristofor Kebler
Trails Contract Supervisor
PO Box 298 Gorham NH 03581
(603) 466 8147