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Katahdin Lake and Mount Katahdin, Maine's 100-Mile Wilderness
Maine's 100-Mile Wilderness
100 Mile Wilderness – Maine Woods Initiative Area Map
Success Story
AMC is working with local leaders on strategies for promoting nature based tourism in Piscataquis County. AMC used its recreation and mapping expertise to create the “Southern Piscataquis Regional Recreation Map and Guide.” Learn more>>
What’s At Stake

Historically land in the 100-mile wilderness region was owned by larger paper and timber companies, who served as stewards of the land and provided public access. Changes in land ownership and development pressures can fragment natural communities and block local access for traditional recreation.

What We’re Doing
  • Permanently protecting 100,000 acres in this region, including a 25,000-acre ecological reserve, preserving public access, providing new recreational opportunity and supporting sustainable forestry through our Maine Woods Initiative.

  • Supporting regional nature-based tourism through a collaborative GIS effort with local businesses and guides.

  • Participating in a public process for influencing a revision to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) for Maine’s unorganized territories, which include much of the 100-mile wilderness region.

  • Protecting public lands from mining development by supporting strong Maine Mining Regulations.
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