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Mid-Atlantic Highlands
AMC's conservation efforts in the Mid-Atlantic Highlands Region
Mid-Atlantic Highlands
Success Story
Housatonic River, ConnecticutFederal Highland Conservation Act funding successfully protected 582 acres in the Oley Hills area of the Pennsylvania Highlands. The Oley Hills represent a critical hub of the Pennsylvania Highlands, and contain six state-recognized Exceptional Value streams, numerous historical structures, forests, and a diversity of wildlife that includes bog turtles and trout. Learn more on our blog>>

What’s At Stake?
The Highlands' critical resources are severely threatened by suburban sprawl and industrial development. This region lies within two hours travel of more than 20 million people, supplies drinking water to 15 million people, and provides critical wildlife habitat for more than 70 species of migratory songbirds and mammals. Learn more >>

Get outside with Highlands Mobile and learn more on our Hike the Highlands blog.

What We're Doing
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