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The Appalachian Mountain Club opposes the Northern Pass project in New Hampshire, a 186-mile transmission line that will visually impact the White Mountain National Forest, Appalachian Trail, Franconia Notch State Park, and over 100,000 acres throughout the state. Northern Pass’s June 2013 preferred route for the northernmost 74 miles is of great concern to our organization and many others who value northern New Hampshire’s character and rugged beauty. AMC is conducting a new visual impact analysis of the half-mile range along the full Northern Pass corridor and we provide the following video series depicting the visual impact of proposed transmission towers along the 186-mile route.

Episode 1: Overview of Impacts

Northern Pass Video Project Map

11 Dixville – Stewartstown – Clarksville – Pittsburg

10 Dummer – Millsfield

9 Northumberland – Stark

8 Whitefield – Dalton – Lancaster

7 Sugar Hill – Bethlehem

6 Woodstock – Lincoln – Easton

5 Campton – Thornton

4 Bristol, Bridgewater – New Hampton – Ashland – Holderness

3 Northfield – Franklin – Hill – New Hampton

2 Concord – Canterbury

1 Deerfield – Allenstown – Pembroke

More Information: Consistent with its energy policy, AMC has intervened in the permitting process in opposition to the project as proposed and is working with partners to raise concern about its visual, environmental, and economic impacts. To receive more information and email updates on the Northern Pass project, sign up for AMC’s Conservation Action Network >>