The AMC's Mohican Outdoor Center is located at 50 Camp Road in Blairstown, N.J.

Public Transportation
Lakeland Bus Lines offers daily service from New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal to Newton, N.J. (call 973-366-0600 for information). If you plan to travel by bus, please call Newton Cab ahead of time at 973-579-4807 to arrange a pick-up at Newton.

Driving Directions

From New York City, western Connecticut, and points North:
  1. Take the New York Thruway South (Interstate 87 South) to Interstate 287 South to Interstate 80 West
    Take the George Washington Bridge to Interstate 80 West.
  2. Take Interstate 80 West to Route 521 North (Exit 12, Hope, N.J.). Take the right fork of the exit and follow signs for Blairstown.
  3. Take Route 521 North to Route 94 and turn left to head south.\
  4. Take Route 94 South for 1.1 miles through Blairstown to Mohican Road and turn right on Mohican Road.
  5. Follow directions below from Mohican Road.
From central New Jersey:
  1. Take Route 31 North until it ends in Buttzville, N.J. and intersects with Route 46.
  2. Turn left on Route 46 West and follow for about 1 mile to Route 519.
  3. Take Route 519 North to Route 521 North in Hope, N.J.
  4. Take Route 521 North to Route 94 and turn left to head south.
  5. Take Route 94 South for 1.1 miles through Blairstown to Mohican Road.
  6. Turn right on Mohican Road.
  7. Follow directions below from Mohican Road.
From Philadelphia and other parts of Pennsylvania:
  1. Take the NE Extension of the PA Turnpike (Interstate 476 North) to US 22 East (Exit 33, Lehigh Valley).
  2. Take US 22 East to Route 33 North.
  3. Take Route 33 North to Interstate 80 East.
  4. Take Interstate 80 East to Route 94 North.
  5. Take Route 94 North about 7 miles to a traffic light, near an A&P Shopping Center on the left.
  6. Go through the light and keep going for approximately 1 mile.
  7. After about 1 mile past the traffic light, turn left onto Mohican Road.
From Mohican Road:
  1. Follow Mohican Road 3.5 miles to Gaisler Road.
    This is a winding road with several forks; always bear right at the forks.
  2. Turn left and take Gaisler Road for 1/2 mile.
  3. Turn right onto Camp Road (just before the "Children Playing" sign). Camp Road turns into a dirt road.
  4. Cross the Appalachian Trail.
  5. You will come to an unlocked gate; drive through.
  6. When you see the lodge on the left and a double garage on the right, stop, park, and come in to the lodge to register.
Approximate driving times and mileage to Mohican
Times may very greatly depending on driving style, traffic, and road conditions:
  • From New York City, one and a half hours.
  • From Philadelphia, two and a half hours.
  • From Boston, five and a half to seven hours.