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Appalachia, published continuously since 1876, is America’s oldest mountaineering and conservation journal. It appears twice a year, on June 15 (Summer/Fall) and December 15 (Winter/Spring).

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In This Issue

Retelling History

The Rusty Pitons: New Jersey climbers find clues of major exploration 75 years ago. John Anderson 

Master of Path-Grading: An appreciation of J. Rayner Edmands. Christine Woodside 

Forget Self-Reliance: Emerson cared more about nature. Michael Popejoy. 

Back in Time on Katahdin
  • What Happened to the Thoreau Spring Plaque? Howard R. Whitcomb.
  • Channeling Myron Avery. Wiliam Geller and Jim Logan. 

Where the Trail Ends: A story of losing a friend and finding a mountain. Wendy Ungar 

The West Branch Drive: Moving logs, 1830-1971. William Geller. 

The Big One: Leaving behind her mother, she pushes up Mount Whitney. Jia Jung 

Outage: An adventure in situ, learning to fear storms in a more fundamental way than before. W. D. Wetherell. 

In Every Issue
  • Poems: by leading poets such as Robin Chapman and Wally Swist
  • Accidents: Analysis of incidents in the White Mountains
  • Alpina: A review of international mountaineering expeditions
  • News and Notes
  • Books of Note
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