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Read More from AMC's Great Kids Great Outdoors Blog. Photo from iStock.
AMC Outdoors: Great Kids, Great Outdoors
Kim Foley MacKinnon and Ethan Hipple write about getting kids outdoors.
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News and advice on outdoor gear from Matt Heid.
AMC Outdoors: Equipped
Matt Heid writes about the latest gear.
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AMC Trails Blog
AMC Trails
News & updates from AMC's professional and volunteer trail crews.
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AMC Trail Conditions
Updates from AMC destinations on weather & trail conditions.
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Hike The PA Highlands Blog Hike the Highlands
AMC's work in the Highlands, including upcoming trips & events.
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AMC's Nature Notes Blog
Nature Notes
Learn about the natural world of New Hampshire.
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AMC Huts Blog
AMC Huts
AMC Huts behind the scenes.
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