Field Notes: Staff and Volunteers Making a Difference


Breathing Easier (September/October 2014) AMC’s Air Quality Research

Untamed New England (August 2014) Grueling adventure race traverses AMC's land

The Cleanest Energy (July/August 2014) AMC campaign urges energy conservation

Cozy Carter at 100 (June 2014) AMC’s easternmost hut offers rugged beauty

Bring the Family (May/June 2014) Deals, discoveries await at AMC destinations

Outdoor Recreation Fuels the Economy (March/April 2014)

New Trails To Tend (March/April 2014) AMC expands teen and adult volunteer trail stewardship programs

Evergreen Greening (February 2014) Pushing the envelope on energy efficiency at AMC lodges and huts

Visual Impacts (January/February 2014) AMC videos trace Northern Pass routes


Local Connections (December 2013) AMC partners with Maine communities

Outdoors Rx (November/December 2013) AMC teams up with doctors to get kids outside

N.H. Rivers Program Turns 25 (October 2013) AMC aids in protection efforts

GPS on the BCT (September/October 2013) Assessing the Bay Circuit Trail conditions

Water, Water Everywhere (August 2013) AMC venues for swimmers, paddlers, and anglers

Family Time (July/August 2013) AMC has many options for family excursions

Mountain Watch (June 2013) Amassing a decade of data on climate and air quality

Trails in Trouble (May/June 2013) Funding crisis threatens needed upkeep in WMNF

Getting Dirty, Giving Back (April 2013) Record number of volunteers aid trail efforts

Campus Outreach (March/April 2013) Engaging college students with Outdoor Student Leadership Training programs

AMC's Full-Service Camps (February 2013) A history of summer hospitality 

Maine Accomplishments (January/February 2013) Maine Woods Initiative turns 10



Significant Impacts ID'd (December 2012) AMC studies Northern Pass proposal

Outdoor Learning (November/December 2012) AMC launches new Maine schools program

480,000 Peaks Bagged (October 2012) Four Thousand Footer Club membership surpasses 10,000

Climate Forecast (September/October 2012) Considering the future of the alpine zone

Community Contributions (August 2012) AMC works with local partners on trails, conservation, and tourism projects

AMC In Action (July 2012) AMC staff assist in search-and-rescue

Hikers' Rest (July/August 2012) New cabin on New England Trail

Improving Paths (June 2012) AMC's new trail tasks in the Whites

Family Time (May/June 2012) AMC's new options for outdoor fun

Aquatic Connections (April 2012) AMC managing for Maine brook trout

Hitting the Trail (March/April 2012) John D. Judge is new AMC president

Tending Trails (February 2012) AMC expands stewardship options for teens and adults

Courtesy AMC Archives (January/February 2012) The AMC Library & Archives provides insight on history


Making Outdoor Leaders (December 2011) Skills training at core of AMC programs

Stormy Weather (November/December 2011) Irene leaves trails passable, but damaged

AMC Expands Maine Trail and Campsite Network (October 2011)

Growing Reach (September/October 2011) New initiatives help more youth

Eating Locally (August 2011) AMC destinations serve up New England's bounty

Alpine Research (July/August 2011) Nitrogen pollution may affect alpine plants

The New Madison Opens (June 2011) Historic AMC hut rebuilt for the 21st century

Wind Power Choices (May/June 2011) AMC seeks a balance of conservation values

Letting it Be (April 2011) AMC promotes leaving woody debris in streams to aid ecology

Trail Support (March/April 2011) AMC sets construction agenda for 2011

Stepping up to LEED (February 2011) New Gorman Chairback Lodge based on green design

Family Fun (January/February 2011) AMC destinations cater even more to families


Read All About It! (December 2010) AMC's media work builds awareness, spreads the mission

Historic Maine Camp Reimagined (November/December 2010) January opening set for AMC's Gorman Chairback Lodge and Cabins

Give 'Em Shelter (November/December 2010) AMC builds new Eliza Brook Shelter along the Appalachian Trail

Keeping Maine's Forests (October 2010) AMC helps keep Maine forested

Rebuilding Madison (September/October 2010) High hut makeover to increase comfort, energy efficiency

Keeping Watch (August 2010) PlantCams help AMC monitor alpine environment

Thoughtful Harvest (July/August 2010) AMC manages Maine land for forest diversity

New Outdoors Initiative Seeks Input (June 2010) AMC participates in a national launch

Cutting Carbon Emissions (May/June 2010) AMC aims for 80% reduction in 40 years

Keeping Tabs on Trails (April 2010) AMC volunteers and staff on top of trail maintenance

Teacher's Aid (March/April 2010) AMC efforts reach a record 1,300 North Country youth

Discovery in the Digital Age (February 2010) AMC chapters help children plug into their natural surroundings

After the Meltdown (January/February 2010) Volunteers repair trails devastated by last year's ice storm


Class Act (December 2009) AMC's youth outreach efforts in Maine strike a chord with students

Flower Power (November/December 2009) AMC's Mountain Watch Program keeps blossoming

The More, the Merrier (October 2009) AMC's trail workers hit record highs

Waterfront Views (September/October 2009) A new trail network near a popular river is complete

AMC Researches Climate of Alpine Zones (August 2009)

Kinsman 2.0 (July/August 2009) AMC's backcountry shelter gets an upgrade

Getting Better with Age (June 2009) Cardigan Reservation celebrates 75 years of outdoor enjoyment