Out+Fit: Bodywise advice for a healthier you


Use Your Phone to Get Fit (November/December 2014) 5 free smartphone apps for tracking and improving your health

Fuel for Thought (September/October 2014) Current trends in energy bars

Get Aqua Fit (July/August 2014) Water workouts can be brutal—in a good way

Three Times the Fun (May/June 2014) The basics of triathlon training

Stretch Right (March/April 2014) Smart moves to help your hiking and biking

Rock Solid (January/February 2014) Climb like a spider monkey come spring


Glide into X-C Ski Season (November/December 2013) How to avoid post-skiing aches and pains

Veggie Power (September/October 2013) High-energy vegetarian and vegan trail diets

Ultralight Backpacking (July/August 2013) Decrease weight to go faster and farther

Stay Strong (May/June 2013) Don't ignore your stabilizers

Staying Active with Allergies (March/April 2013) How to keep seasonal allergies in check

Home Sweet Gym (January/February 2013) Winter workouts keep you fit despite the cold and snow


Hike Farther (November/December 2012) Improve your fitness with interval training

Don't Be Sore (September/October 2012) Beating muscle aches and fatigue

A Strong Foundation (July/August 2012) Maintaining healthy bones after age 50

Fast Food (May/June 2012) Family-friendly trail lunches

Climb-It Science (March/April 2012) Sure-fire ways to heat up your performance

Protein Power (January/February 2012) Fuel up for a stronger hike


Low-Tech Fitness (November/December 2011) This effective workout will fit any schedule

Go Power (September/October 2011) Tips for a healthy, high-calorie trail diet

Go the Distance (July/August 2011) How caffeine boosts endurance

Ride Right (May/June 2011) How to prevent cycling knee pain

Balancing Act (March/April 2011) Get coordinated before you hike

Go the Distance (January/February 2011) Conditioning for long hikes


Cross-Country Cross Training (November/December 2010) Upper-body workouts for ski season

A Matter of Taste (September/October 2010) Are energy gels and chewables for you?

Beat the Heat (July/August 2010) Managing the challenges of the summer months

Lower Back Lowdown (May/June 2010) Simple steps toward a healthy back

Dietary Limits (March/April 2010) Going gluten-free in the backcountry

Poses for Powder (January/February 2010) Using yoga for winter conditioning


A Balanced Approach (November/December 2009) Refining your winter fitness

Barefoot in the Park (September/October 2009) When, why, and how to shed your shoes

Don't Pack an Attack (July/August 2009) Tips from a long-distance hiker with asthma

Flat to Fit (June 2009) Honing whitewater skills on flat water

Be a Stretching Dynamo (May 2009) A concept you could warm up to

Stronger Knees, Please (April 2009) Improve support of a key hiking joint

Don't Guzzle the Hype (March 2009) The real benefits of sports drinks

Wild Stride (January/February 2009) Nordic walking boosts workout


Off-Road Workout (December 2008) Trading running shoes for snowshoes

Transition Training (November 2008) Getting your muscles snow-ready

Lung Lessons (October 2008) Tips for breathing better

Pedal Power (September 2008) Become a better bike rider

Flex Time (July/August 2008) Limber up before and after a hike

Sea Worthy (June 2008) Practical advice from an expert kayaker

Time to Play (May 2008) Outdoor fun creates healthier kids

Follow the Beat (April 2008) Train with your heart in mind

Stretching the Truth (March 2008) Is one pre-exercise ritual a myth?

Fit for the Freeze (January/February 2008) Pre-trip training for ice climbers


Shiver Signals (December 2007) Reading your body's warning signs

Belly Lifting (November 2007) How to start strengthening your core

High Octane (October 2007) Choosing the right energy bar

Take it Outside (September 2007) Worthy workouts in the outdoors

Rules of the Road (July/August 2007) Build your aerobic engine

Do the Leg Work (June 2007) Training for a tri? Start with your base

Peak Paddling (May 2007) Conditioning tips for a spring launch date

Follow Your Heart (April 2007) Monitor exercise intensity to maximize your workout

Don't do a Katz (March 2007) Train like a thru-hiker

Sleet Footed (January/February 2007) Exercise safely in winter weather


La Vida Lenta (December 2006) Savor and stretch for better health

Ski Stronger (November 2006) Ramp up for cross-country ski season

Your Best Foot Forward (October 2006) Learn how to increase your ankle strength

Stretch Your Horizons (September 2006) Add yoga to your exercise routine

Go Long! (July/August 2006) Build endurance for a full day or more on the trail

Step by Step (June 2006) Fitness walking is more than just one foot in front of the other

Legs of Steel (May 2006) Power up for the cycling season

Hard Core (April 2006) Four strength training exercises to help you get fit for spring


Get a Leg Up (July/August 2003) The hows and whys of knee and ankle injuries

Om on the Range (May 2003) Yoga and hiking unite


Pump it Up! (May 2002) Get buff for a variety of activities

The Winter Revels (January/February 2002) Unusual cold-weather passions


Feet of Play (July/August 2000) Foot care for outdoorspeople