ValleyDo you love to hike the highest peaks of the White Mountains and beyond? Do you wish to protect these mountains and trails for generations to enjoy? The Four Thousand Footer Club may be for you.

A volunteer organization run by the AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee, the club encourages the responsible use and enjoyment of the mountains of New England by encouraging avid hikers to
  • Climb all of the region's 4,000-foot peaks
  • Protect these beautiful places through trail and environmental stewardship
The club recognizes hikers who have climbed all of the

There is also special recognition for those who have climbed all of the peaks on each of these lists in winter. For details on membership, contact the club directly.

Trail and Environmental Stewardship
The club believes that those who visit the mountains often can be particularly effective stewards of trails and natural environment. Specifically, the club:
  • Encourages all heavy users of trails to participate in trail maintenance. Many serve as Adopt-a-Trail volunteers and participate in other volunteer trail work.
  • Donates any club surplus after operating expenses, plus additional donations, to the AMC's trail work — more than $33,000 in the past 14 years.
  • Works to educate hikers about practices that will protect the natural environment.
  • Advocates for preservation of the natural state of the woods and mountains as a primary objective of management activities.

Learn More
For complete lists of peaks and for more information on the club and becoming a member, send a SASE to 

AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee
P.O. Box 444
Exeter, NH 03833-0444 

You can also visit the committee's website

Lists of the New England Four Thousand Footers or New England Hundred Highest Peaks are available on the website, or you may request these specifically in your letter. You may also wish to browse the Committee's Frequently Asked Questions for additional information.

Photo: Robert J. Kozlow