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AMC Teen Wilderness Adventures is a unique summer outdoor program in New Hampshire, New York, Massachusetts and Maine.  Teen Wilderness Adventures let you discover more of the great outdoors in the company of exceptional leaders and new friends. We have teen summer camps designed for young people with previous experience as well as those new to outdoor experiences.

Teen Wilderness Adventures videoNew for 2016! This year we're offering Female Specific Mountain Bike and Secret Swimming Holes, Maine and New Hampshire Rock(climbing)!, Appalachian Trail and Long Path Backpacking trips out of Harriman State Park in New York!

We offer exciting, rewarding outdoor adventure education for youth ages 12-18 ranging in length from 5-20 days. Teen Wilderness Adventures combine one or more outdoor activities--like hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, and mountain biking--with spectacular destinations. Group size on our programs ranges from 6 to 10, and each of our trips has at least two instructors at all times.

Teen Wilderness Adventures participants learn valuable wilderness skills and develop essential life skills. This unique combination fosters an appreciation for the environment, develops self-esteem, instills a spirit of adventure, and promotes teamwork, friendship, and a sense of community through memorable wilderness experiences.

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Meet Colby Meehan
Colby MeehanColby’s first experience with the AMC was as a participant in A Mountain Classroom as a sixth grader on Mount Desert Island, Maine. 17 years later, upon returning to the east coast she began work for the AMC as the program coordinator for Teen Wilderness Adventures. In addition to a Master’s Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University, Colby holds a bachelor of arts in Adventure Education and Wilderness Leadership from Prescott College. Additional credentials include hundreds of field days facilitating groups of adults, youth, and families in the outdoors, a Wilderness First Responder medical certification, state teaching licensure with endorsements in English as a second language, and sailing and white water guide certifications. When not at work she can be found exploring Franconia Notch with her husband, Ted, and two Icelandic sheepdogs, Valur and Breki.


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Choose Your Adventure!
All of our programs offer fun and adventure, but choosing the best program is as individual as each participant. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Youth Adventures, for teens age 12-14, offer a variety of outdoor activities but keep hiking distances and pack weights appropriate for younger participants. You'll spend the first day or two going on short day hikes before venturing on a backpacking trip, rock climbing adventure, or canoeing expedition. 

Single-Sport Adventures focus on a single skill and offer total immersion into the wilderness experience, while giving you the chance to improve your skills in a specific activity. Ranging from 5-10 days in duration, these trips are for youth ages 13-16.

Multi-Sport Adventures offer a taste of several skills and experiences while maintaining a sense of a longer expedition. Ranging from 5 to 14 days in length, these Adventures combine activities like hiking, backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, and whitewater. If you're new to the fun of outdoor pursuits or think a more relaxed pace is for you, try our Intro Adventures that sample hiking, canoeing, or rock climbing at an introductory level.

Ultimate Adventures are unique because they teach more advanced skills and involve more challenges than our standard programs. These programs range in length from 5 to 20 days and are for youth ages 15-18.

Our Staff
AMC's professional instructors are dedicated, energetic, and talented leaders experienced in working with youth. All of our instructors are certified in wilderness medicine, trained in water safety, and have strong backcountry skills. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences and are committed to providing youth with a fun and educational excursion in the outdoors while maximizing the safety of all participants.

Backpacking remains one of the most popular outdoor activities in New England, and we explore some of the most striking mountainous terrain in the East. We camp at AMC or U.S. Forest Service shelter sites, designated tenting areas, or at our own low-impact sites and learn Leave No Trace techniques to protect these wild and beautiful areas. Depending on the terrain, age, and experience of participants many trips average four to eight miles per day. Camping gear and food for the trip is carried and weight is shared by the group. Our trips in New Hampshire and western Maine explore the 770,000-acre White Mountain National Forest. With several Wilderness Areas and world-famous mountain ranges, the forest offers some of New England's premier hiking. Some of the places we explore include the Southern Presidentials, the Franconia Notch area, the Carter and Mahoosuc Ranges, and the Pemigewasset Wilderness area. Backpacking trips also adventure to The Devil’s Path in the Catskills of New York, and the 100-Mile Wilderness and Katahdin region of Maine.

Look for bald eagles in their nests and enjoy the calls of the loons as you canoe through the scenic Rangeley Lakes and river systems of Maine and New Hampshire. We will review basic canoe strokes and techniques, group safety issues, water navigation skills, and open-water rescue skills. Daily paddles over flatwater, perhaps with a swim in between, will lead us to our evening camp where we enjoy delicious meals and watch the sunset. Depending on our route, some portaging may be required.

Rock Climbing
Learn to make your way confidently up famous rock faces. Using provided equipment at established climbing sites, we will learn standard rock-climbing techniques, how to belay, rope-handling skills, and rock-site safety practices. Rock-climbing sections last one to three days and, conditions permitting, culminate in a multi-pitch climb on the last day.  All technical and rock-climbing equipment will be supplied.

Whitewater Kayaking
During this thrilling session, you will navigate the rapids of rivers such as the Androscoggin, Magalloway, or Saco. Using provided equipment we will learn kayaking techniques, how to read the river, and how to use the currents to your advantage. Programs will start on flatwater, then move onto swiftwater, and finally onto Class I, II, and possibly III whitewater. Instruction will be provided by Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center (ACA accredited) along with AMC instructors. Groups basecamp at a campground and paddle during the day.

Mountain Biking
Explore some of the best mountain-bike terrain in New Hampshire! You'll start on Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center's private bike trails to hone your skills on dirt roads, single track, and double track before venturing to other acclaimed areas for longer rides. Learn to shift like a pro, cross streams and logs, make field repairs, climb and descend with confidence, and be comfortable with varying terrain. Guides from Great Glen will join your AMC instructors to lead your rides. At the end of the day, retire to a campground for dinner and a swim. Mountain biking sections are designed for beginner to intermediate bikers to ensure that everyone is comfortable riding together. We recommend bringing your own bike if you have one, but pre-serviced bikes and helmets are available and included in the cost of the program.

Primitive Skills
Taught by trained professionals, our primitive skills course will help you better understand and responsibly utilize the wilderness environment surrounding you. We'll learn how to track animals, build a fire using a bow drill, identify wild edibles and tune into bird song. Learning to reading the landscape is fun and challenging and you'll never look at the woods quite the same way again.

White Water Rafting
Spend a memorable day or two rafting the rapids of the pristine rivers winding through the scenic boarder region of Western Maine and Northern New Hampshire. Professional guides from the Enriched Learning Center, in Berlin, New Hampshire lead these exiting adventures on Class II, III or IV rapids. In this region, rich with woods lore and history, you'll negotiate the same rapids and waves that were once used by northern loggers to start their timber supply down northern headwaters toward market. The Androscoggin, Magalloway and Rapid Rivers offer plenty of excitement as the group works together to paddle their raft as well as provide great riverside lunch spots and the chance to encounter wildlife such as moose, osprey, and eagles.
Teen Wilderness Adventures Schedule
Date Event Fees
Jun 27-
Jul 2, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day Mountain Bike & Secret Swimming Holes - GIRLS ONLY Youth: $1,605/$1,766
Jun 27-
Jul 3, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - 7-Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak Adventure Youth: $1,693/$1,862
Jun 27-
Jul 3, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - 7-Day White Mountain Backpack Experience Youth: $1,286/$1,415
Jun 27-
Jul 2, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - High Peaks Backpack Youth: $1,177/$1,295
Jun 29-
Jul 8, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - 10-Day Backpack and Rock Climb: The Devil's Path & Shawangunks Youth: $2,284/$2,512
Jun 29-
Jul 3, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - 5-Day Backcountry Wilderness Intro Adventures Youth: $982/$1,080
Jun 29-
Jul 3, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - 5-Day Zealand Waterfalls and Swimming Holes Youth: $982/$1,080
Jun 29-
Jul 3, 2016
Teen Wilderness Adventures - Youth Adventures: 5-day Appalachian Trail Introduction to Backpack Youth: $982/$1,080
Jul 2-17, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 16 Day 100-Mile Wilderness & Katahdin Backpack Youth: $2,836/$3,119
Jul 3-9, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 7-Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak Adventure Youth: $1,693/$1,862
Jul 8-17, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 10-Day Pemigewasset Wilderness 4,000-footer Backpack Youth: $1,902/$2,093
Jul 9-17, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 9-Day Primitive Skills Backpack & Canoe: The Northern Wildlands Youth: $1,766/$1,942
Jul 10-29, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 20-Day Leadership Training Backpack Youth: $3,803/$4,183
Jul 10-15, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day Mountain Bike & Secret Swimming Holes Youth: $1,605/$1,766
Jul 10-16, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - Wilderness First Aid and Rescue Training Youth: $1,711/$1,882
Jul 11-15, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day Youth Adventures: Five-in-One Intro Youth: $1,285/$1,414
Jul 11-17, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 7-Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak Adventure Youth: $1,693/$1,862
Jul 13-17, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 5-Day Youth Adventures: The Long Path Intro Backpacking Youth: $1,010/$1,111
Jul 16-24, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 9-Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak Youth: $2,124/$2,336
Jul 23-30, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 8-Day Hike, Rock Climb, and Whitewater Kayak Youth: $2,429/$2,672
Jul 24-28, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 5-Day Backcountry Wilderness Intro Adventures Youth: $982/$1,080
Jul 24-29, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day 100-Mile Wilderness & Katahdin Backpack Youth: $1,177/$1,285
Jul 24-29, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day Mountain Bike & Secret Swimming Holes Youth: $1,605/$1,766
Jul 24-30, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 7-Day Maine and New Hampshire Rock! Youth: $2,150/$2,365
Jul 24-30, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - Youth Adventure, 7-Day Hike, Backpack, and Canoe Youth: $1,307/$1,438
Jul 25-30, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day The Devil's Path Backpack Youth: $1,177/$1,295
Jul 25-30, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day Youth Adventures: Five-in-One Intro Youth: $1,285/$1,414
Aug 6-17, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 12-Day Backpack and Canoe Adventure Youth: $2,397/$2,637
Aug 6-21, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 16-Day 100-Mile Wilderness & Katahdin Backpack Youth: $2,836/$3,119
Aug 6-10, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 5-Day Zealand Waterfalls and Swimming Holes Intro Backpack Youth: $982/$1,080
Aug 6-12, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures -7-Day Backpack: The Long Path Youth: $1,350/$1,485
Aug 7-20, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 14-Day Appalachian Trail Backpack: Mahoosucs and Carter Ranges Youth: $2,699/$2,968
Aug 7-13, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 7-Day Acadia Intro Adventure Youth: $2,147/$2,362
Aug 7-13, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 7-Day Whitewater Kayak and Rafting Adventure Youth: $1,881/$2,069
Aug 7-14, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 8-Day Rock Climb and Backpack Experience Youth: $1,962/$2,159
Aug 8-13, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day High Peaks Backpack Youth: $1,177/$1,295
Aug 15-20, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day Pinkham Base Camp Intro Adventure Youth: $1,349/$1,484
Aug 15-20, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 6-Day White Mountain Backpack Experience Youth: $1,177/$1,295
Aug 17-21, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - 5-Day Intermediate & Advanced Whitewater Kayak Youth: $1,650/$1,815
Aug 17-21, 2016 Teen Wilderness Adventures - Youth Adventures: 5-day Introduction Appalachian Trail Backpack Youth: $982/$1,080
“It was a FANTASTIC experience, and Sam — who is not overly generous with his words — has not stopped talking about the trip. Sounds like a great group of kids, and Meg and Johannes were a perfect combination of fun and responsibility. As soon as we got home, Sam started rooting around for a new backpack to buy….which tells us two things: one, that he’s angling to do a trip like this again. and two, that apparently we sent him with a backpack not ideally suited for mountain weather. (not that he seemed to really mind.) And even though Sam is VERY quiet, he takes in everything….and finds the more gregarious kids to be highly amusing. (as well as the gregarious counselors….)” – Karen, parent

"When I met with Stephen several weeks ago he said that the trip was 'life changing”. He talked about the friends he made, the adventures of kayaking, rock climbing and a water bottle with signatures and messages from everyone that had been on the trip. It was nice to watch him talk about the great time he had, with a smile on his face! Thank you so much for giving Stephen such a great summer experience, he will not forget it!" -Social Worker, The Department of Children and Families

"He had a fantastic time on the hike, he learned so much from them, and just couldn't say enough great things about how wonderful they were to be with (his instructors). When we met them on Sunday morning, we knew they'd be fantastic and that we had complete faith in them. As a sign of the terrific work they do, as Dean was getting into bed at 1:30 am he was talking about next year's trip..." - Jennifer and Ken, parents

"Just got Christopher home. He could not stop talking about his trip; the great group of guys in his group and all the cool stuff he learned. He was expecting the trip was going to be about how to put on band aids. He had no idea the amount of stuff he would learn in just one week. But the most amazing part was when he got home. Ryan (20-Day Leadership) and Christopher's embrace when they saw each other for the first time in four weeks was heart warming. And then came the comparing of experiences they both had. They have not stopped talking. Ryan is jealous that he did not get to do the search and rescue. Most impressive was the very chill tattooed guy they met from SOLO.

I am sure you are aware of the impact you have on so many teens and young adults. These trips are life changers. They both think they would like to do search and rescue some day. Great bonding experience for two very different brothers not even on the same trip. It made my day. Can't wait until Nicholas gets home from his trip at the end of next week. So glad we found AMC. My three boys have truly come out of the wild knowing more about who they are and the positive impact they may someday have on others. AMC has met my expectations once more." - Kathy, parent

"Otto has had such positive things to say about AMC that his guidance counselor, who was unfamiliar with your programs, was interested to know more and made some notes. I'm sure he will pass that info along to his students and hopefully you will be seeing more kids from Rhinebeck. I feel certain that you will be seeing more of Otto." - Alice, parent

"I wanted to drop you a line and let you know just how much Emma enjoyed her trip last week. All of our anticipated concerns proved to be non-issues. Emma was happy with the 'barefoot zone' and really learned a lot. Goldie and Lisa were great trip leaders -- they were able to help the kids deal effectively with the rain and taught Emma (and others) so much about hiking, the AT, dealing with adversity, and figuring out how you can make yourself feel happy by initially faking it. While we thought the lousy weather might have rained on the experience, Emma was certain that the rain made it even better. She said that while they were on the trail she sometimes thought she'd wished it wasn't raining, but "'ooking back, I wouldn't change anything." We were also concerned about group dynamics when we met the group because some of the kids already knew each other. When we left Emma she was nervous about it, but when we picked her up it was clear they had all gotten along well. So, thanks for putting up with our questions and for putting the group together. It was well worth it from our perspective. We appreciate everything you did and please send our thanks to Goldie, Lisa, and Althea." Susan, Parent

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