When you join an AMC Trail Crew you can expect to meet intriguing people, experience the beauty and wonders of nature, put in a hard day's work, experience great leadership, and "do something for the greater good."

Our locations include Acadia National Park (Maine), the Berkshires (Massachusetts), the White Mountains (New Hampshire and Maine), Connecticut, the Delaware Water Gap (New Jersey & Pennsylvania), Baxter State Park (Maine), Cardigan Mountain (New Hampshire), St. John (US Virgin Islands), and more!

Join a Crew!
  • Work Parties are one to three day programs that give you the opportunity to learn, practice, and refine your trail work skills, explore new mountains, and begin to understand the intricate workings of trail maintenance. See the full Work Party schedule for more information!

  • Teen Trail Crews & Adult Volunteer Vacations provide a unique opportunity to meet other outdoor enthusiasts and build a sense of camaraderie. Crews generally pack in one to four miles, carry a pack of 40+ pounds, giving you the pleasure of living and working in the backcountry for one to three weeks. There are other crews that are based out of a roadside facility or campground, day tripping to a project location. Special programs are designed for teens or adults to experience a variety of trailwork projects and locations. See the full Teen Trail Crews & Adult Volunteer Vacations schedule for more information!

  • Custom Crews: Already have a group of people and looking for a way to Volunteer for Trails? We can help design a Custom Crew that will meet the needs and expectations of your group.

Get the Skills
While no previous experience or training is necessary to volunteer, you may enjoy learning trail maintenance and building your skills before you join a crew this year. Our Trails Skills Series is specifically designed to meet the needs of volunteer trail maintainers and adopters, but they can also be useful for anyone looking to learn more about the nuts and bolts of trail work.

See the full Teen Trail Crews & Adult Volunteer Vacations schedule or the full Work Party schedule for more information and to register today!

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Photo: Nick Scott