Teacher Resources: Pre-Trip Curriculum

Exploring the forests of the Northeast on your school’s A Mountain Classroom program will provide your students with a fun, engaging and unforgettable learning experience. We invite you to utilize our Pre-Trip Lesson Plans and supporting vocabulary, aligned with our two most commonly requested curricular strands – Ecology & Leadership Development. Choose the Pre-Trip Lesson(s) that align with the curricular strand your school will be delving into during your A Mountain Classroom visit. Bring our experiential education into your own classroom and broaden the impact of your A Mountain Classroom experience for your students.

Below you will find lesson plans for both Ecology & Leadership Development. The activities are organized in a suggested progression (Activity 1, Activity 2, etc.), but can be facilitated as stand-alone lessons as well.

We have included Answer Keys for the lessons, if relevant. Please reach out if you have questions, feedback or need assistance – amcschoolprogram@outdoors.org


Elementary & Middle School Students:

Activity 1: The Ecology House
Introduce the basics of ecology to your students through the lens of the “Ecology House” – an analogy that will help students discover that ecosystems, while functioning as cohesive units, have components that influence and rely upon each other.

Download The Ecology House Lesson Plan PDF
Download The Ecology House Answer Key PDF

Activity 2: Draw your Ecosystem
Allow your students to explore surrounding ecosystems and discover examples of the components of the “Ecology House” in real ecosystems that surround them.

Download Draw your Ecosystem Lesson Plan PDF

High School Students:

Activity 1: Draw your Ecosystem:
Allow your students to explore surrounding ecosystems and engage in naturalist-style field journaling, focusing on the different components of ecosystems. Students should be familiar with the components of ecosystems – abiotic and biotic factors, cycles, and changes – as a prerequisite to this activity.

Download Draw your Ecosystem HS Lesson Plan PDF

All Ages:
Ecology Vocabulary: Download Ecology Vocabulary Terms


High School Students:

Activity 1: What do you value?
Students will explore their values and how they seek to impact and influence those around them. Reading and analyzing famous speeches from influential leaders provides the foundation and inspiration for students’ own self reflection.

Download What do you value Lesson Plan PDF

All Ages:
Leadership Development & Teambuilding Vocabulary: Download Leadership Development & Teambuilding Vocabulary Terms