20th Annual AMC Photo Contest

December 10, 2014
Stephen FabriciusStar Trails Over Greenleaf Hut, Taken on Mt, Lafayette

For the first “AMC Photo & Art Contest,” launched two decades ago, entrants submitted prints, transparencies, and slides—even black and white art, in the form of pen and ink, charcoal, and woodcuts. When we published the winners in the January/February 1996 issue of AMC Outdoors, we even included technical notes about the type of film each photographer used. Much has changed since then. This year, more than a few people used their smartphones to capture their images, and all entries—nearly 800 of them—were submitted digitally.

Yet perhaps most striking is what hasn’t changed over the course of those 20 contests. The protected landscapes that have long inspired AMC members to get outdoors—and to photograph the outdoors—are still with us. Within these pages in 1996 were images from the snowy summit of Mount Washington and a lakefront in the Adirondacks; the jagged coastline of Acadia National Park and a rocky perch on Mount Monadnock. While the underlying photographic technology has been revolutionized since these images were captured, the iconic scenes remain unchanged. Here’s to many more decades of these protected areas inspiring you.


Allison Bell is a designer and photographer in Northampton, Mass., specializing in cultural and natural history projects. With Nancy Slack, Ph.D., she is co-author of the award-winning Field Guide to the New England Alpine Summits (AMC Books) and the Adirondack Mountain Club’s Adirondack Alpine Summits.

Paul Mozell is proud to have served as a judge in this contest nearly every year since its inception. He is a photographer of landscapes, architecture, business and family portraits, and a photography educator. He has been an AMC member since 1975, and galleries of his work can be seen at mozellstudios.com.

Jim Salge is a nature photographer, writer, and educator based in Southern New Hampshire. He is a former weather observer at the Mount Washington Observatory, and the White Mountains remain a primary focus of his work. Currently, he serves as Yankee Magazine’s fall foliage forecaster and blogger, and teaches high school physics in Bedford, N.H. His portfolio can be seen at jimsalge.com.



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