21st Annual AMC Photo Contest

December 28, 2015
AMC Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner
Claudia SchellenbergAMC Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner: Tree Line, by Claudia Schellenberg, New York–North Jersey Chapter. Taken in Trumbull, Conn., February 2015.

One of the great joys of the AMC Photo Contest is seeing what everyone has been up to for the past year. Where did your adventures take you? And what did those new and exciting—or maybe old and familiar—places look like through your eyes? While several subjects link all 21 editions of this contest (victorious summits, steaming-hot hut meals, fiery fall foliage), new themes emerge every year. This year? Snow. And ice. Lots of it. Clearly none of you were dissuaded by the historic winter of 2015, instead taking inspiration from the dramatic landscape. That trend caught our judges’ attention, with several winter images named the best of the year. We’re excited to see what inspires you next. And congrats to the Worcester Chapter for winning our first-ever chapter participation prize.


Allison Bell is a designer and photographer in Northampton, Mass., specializing in cultural and natural history projects. With Nancy Slack, Ph.D., she is coauthor of both the award-winning Field Guide to the New England Alpine Summits 3rd ed (AMC Books) and the Adirondack Mountain Club’s Adirondack Alpine Summits.

Jerry Monkman is a conservation photographer, author, and filmmaker based on the New Hampshire seacoast. His book, The AMC Guide to Digital Outdoor Photography, won a 2012 National Outdoor Book Award. His first feature-length documentary, The Power of Place, looks at the proposed Northern Pass transmission line’s potential impacts on the New Hampshire landscape. You can see his work at ecophotography.com.

Paul Mozell is proud to have served as a judge in this contest nearly every year since its inception. He is a photographer of landscapes, architecture, business and family portraits, and a photography educator. He has been an AMC member since 1975, and galleries of his work can be seen at mozellstudios.com.

Jim Salge is a nature photographer, writer, and educator based in Southern New Hampshire. He is a former weather observer at the Mount Washington Observatory, and the White Mountains remain a primary focus of his work. Currently, he serves as Yankee Magazine’s fall foliage forecaster and blogger, and teaches high school physics in Bedford, N.H. His portfolio can be seen at jimsalge.com.



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