4 Green Apps for Your Phone

February 24, 2017
green apps
Jared FongThe four green apps below could help nudge you toward more sustainable habits.

Amid the ever-expanding library of apps available for your smartphone are several designed to nudge you into greener habits. These include eco-conscious social media platforms, games designed to reduce your carbon footprint, and hyper-local information sources. Here are four free eco-apps (some with premium add-ons) worth checking out this spring:

Changers CO2 Fit hosts group competitions. The app calculates individual users’environmental impact as they log different activities, tallying scores and educating participants.

GoodGuide helps shoppers determine how healthy different food, cleaning, and beauty products are. Scanning the barcode delivers onscreen information about the chemicals included. The app also indicates the use of animal testing.

JouleBug turns sustainable habits into a social game. Users earn points every time they log a sustainable action, such as carpooling, taking a shorter shower, or composting leftover food. By competing in challenges, users earn awards. The app also tracks how much CO2 and water users save and how much waste is diverted from landfills.

Locavore makes buying sustainable food much easier by tracking which crops are in season, locating nearby farmers markets, and sharing relevant recipes.


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