5 Squishy Trips to Swamps and Bogs

August 14, 2012

Little Shop of Horrors meets the trail—or should I say the boardwalk?—when you visit a bog and its carnivorous inhabitants. Are you ready to watch a beautiful but deadly sundew trap its prey? Learn about the Northeast’s wacky wetlands and plan your next visit with these tips from AMC.

  • Discover five swamps and bogs you can visit, five reasons to go, and a quick refresher course on the difference between bogs, swamps, and wetlands, all in one article.
  • Find more great bogs to visit in the Northeast, from Ponemah Bog in Amherst, N.H., to Cedar Swamp (yes, it’s really a bog) in New Jersey’s High Point State Park.
  • Read about the carnivorous sundews, pitcher plants, and other enchanting flora that thrive in bogs.
  • Follow AMC Senior Interpretive Naturalist Nancy Ritger as she leads a nature walk through a boggy area near AMC’s Lonesome Lake Hut in New Hampshire.

Photo of kids learning about tadpoles and frogs by Allison W. Bell.

Great Kids, Great Outdoors is an AMC Outdoors blog, written by Heather Stephenson.

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