5 Ways to Control B.O. in the Backcountry

February 24, 2017
control B.O.
Teresa PagliucaOne tip to control B.O. in the backcountry: Pack a set of sleeping clothes so you can air out your trail gear.

A backcountry adventure probably means leaving the deodorant at home and embracing your natural self. Follow these steps to remain safe, sanitary, and to control B.O.

  1. Turn your undies inside out to extend their life.
  2. Keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer clipped to your pack for easy access and regular cleansing.
  3. Carry a set of sleeping clothes (socks, underwear, and a lightweight base layer) for a fresher night’s sleep and to avoid stinking up your sleeping bag. Merino wool is more odor-resistant than many other fabrics.
  4. Repeated applications of sunscreen and insect repellent rapidly add a film of funk to your skin. Consider wearing long pants and sleeves to minimize the amount you need to apply.
  5. Many toiletry items have a scent. Safely secure them with your food at night to avoid attracting animals to your campsite.


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