The ABCs of PFDs and SUP Paddles

June 27, 2017
PFDs, SUP paddles
ShutterstockStay safe with properly fit PFDs and the right length of SUP paddles.

Beside a board, there are two critical items you’ll need for stand-up paddleboarding: a paddle and a PFD. From there, the accessories are endless.

  • A paddle should be 8 to 12 inches longer than you are tall. A longer paddle provides more power and control in rough conditions but requires more effort. A shorter paddle increases maneuverability—a plus for beginners and for surfing.
  • Paddle blades come in a multitude of designs, but it’s the surface area that matters most: A bigger blade displaces more water per stroke. Some blades are tilted at an angle from the shaft to improve efficiency.
  • Paddles vary widely in price, from $75 for a perfectly serviceable aluminum model to $300-plus for a lightweight, carbon-fiber option. Fiberglass versions typically go for $100 to $200. Higher-end models might be lighter in weight, adjustable in length, and able to break down for easier transport.
  • Always wear a PFD when paddling, just as you would in a canoe or a kayak. Proper fit is crucial. Check out AMC’s PFD fit tips.
  • Optional accessories include a leash that connects your ankle to your board; a wetsuit for cold water; a board bag for storage, transport, and protection; and a deck bag for bringing gear with you.

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