Baby Carrier Tips for Hiking Parents

April 24, 2017
Baby Carrier
Vitalii Nesterchuk/ShutterstockPro tip: Position the baby carrier seat as low as possible while still giving your child clear sightlines.

Saddle up, little pardners! If you’re traveling long distances or over steep, rocky terrain, you’ll want to tote your kid in a child carrier instead of a stroller. Here are some important tips:

  • The most important feature of any child carrier is a good fit. Adjust and evaluate it, like you would any backpack.
  • Position the seat as low as possible while ensuring the child has clear sightlines ahead and to the sides. This helps minimize the carrier’s inherently top-heavy, tippy nature and keeps your child safe from low-hanging branches.
  • Strapping in a squirming child can be an onerous process. Look for harness systems that are easy to access and operate.
  • Never place a child carrier on a raised object, such as a picnic table. An unexpected bump or a restless toddler could cause the pack, and the strapped-in child, to topple to the ground.

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