Carter Notch Hut at 100

April 14, 2014

Camp groups were frequent guests to Carter Notch Hut, including Camp Arden, from Oakland, Maine, in August 1937. Images courtesy of AMC Library & Archives.

The glaciers that carved Carter Notch between Wildcat Mountain and the Carter Range left several landmarks behind. A jagged boulder field—”The Ramparts”—covers much of the notch, and two tarns hold cool, clear pools.

AMC chose these shores for its second hut a century ago. Using native stone, a crew built an approximate replica of the organization’s first hut at Madison Spring. Many renovations have taken place since, including the addition of wind and solar power systems and the construction of separate bunkhouses, but the original building remains in use today. With Madison having been rebuilt several times, Carter now stands as the oldest structure in AMC’s eight-hut system.

One hundred years’ worth of families, friends, thru-hikers, and solo hikers have shared backcountry experiences within these stone walls. Many of them have documented their trips in the hut’s guest logs. AMC’s Library & Archives contains logs dating back to 1923. Logs for more recent decades still reside on a shelf in the hut.


View a video about Carter Notch Hut’s history.

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