Cold River Camp

June 1, 2008

In July 1919, AMC purchased Ledges Camp in North Chatham, N.H., and renamed it Cold River Camp. The property is located in Evans Notch, a rugged area of baldface mountains and ledges on the eastern fringe of the White Mountain National Forest, straddling the Maine and New Hampshire border. Offering no less in the way of stunning scenery than its better-known sister peaks to the west, Evans Notch still serves as a more remote destination for hiking enthusiasts.

From its inception, AMC’s Cold River Camp was a popular base camp for individuals and families looking to hike on the dozens of trails in the region. During the summer of Cold River’s purchase, several trail crews worked feverishly to expand trail networks in that region, opening nearby trails to the Royce summits and the Baldfaces.

In September 1919, the “trailmakers” pictured above left their base camp at Cold River to climb 2,906-foot Speckled Mountain on the opposite side of the Notch, most likely to perform maintenance on the trail. They are shown here resting on the summit.

Today, Cold River Camp is run by volunteers and offers cabin rentals and full-service amenities.

Images seen here appear courtesy of the AMC Library and Archives. Duplicates can be ordered for a fee. Funds support efforts to preserve the club’s historical collections. Contact Library and Archives at 617-391-6629, visit the website, or send an e-mail for details.

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