Day Pack Dos and Don’ts

August 25, 2017
Side straps, a top-loading lid, and other features can separate a day pack from the competition. LZF/SHUTTERSTOCK

Some day-pack features are worth the money; others less so. Here’s what to look for and what to skip:

  • Side straps are useful for lashing gear to the outside of your pack or for compressing an underfilled pack.
  • Bungee systems also let you attach gear to your pack’s exterior, but these tend to be less secure and lose their stretch over time.
  • A sternum strap clips across your chest and helps keep the shoulder straps in place. Some sternum clips feature an integrated whistle for hands-free access, a lifesaver if—worst-case scenario—you lose the use of both arms simultaneously.
  • A clip in the lid pocket on toploading packs secures your keys—the last thing you want to lose in the middle of a day hike.
  • In winter, you may want to lash crampons, ice axes, and/or skis to your pack without shredding the fabric. Look for thicker, tougher pack materials for these activities.

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