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Extreme Tuckerman Ravine Skiing: Videos of Wipeouts, Big Drops, and More

April 11, 2018

Spring skiing season is upon us. Which means that Tuckerman Ravine—one of the most iconic backcountry ski destinations in the country—is on many a skier’s mind at the moment. To help both inspire you and provide a few cautionary tales of the risks involved, I’ve compiled this round-up of some of the most striking Tuckerman Ravine videos I could find.

Before we get there, however, a quick reminder to always check the current avalanche forecast, and to carry and know how to use the proper avalanche safety equipment—beacon, shovel, and probe.

Tuckerman Ravine Eating Jerry Alive

This short clip amply demonstrates the consequences of wiping out high in the ravine as a fallen skier begins an accelerating slide that soon turns him into a tumbling rag doll down the mountain.

Jumping the Headwall

Successes and fails galore in this short compilation.

Crash on the Headwall

This POV video shows what it’s like first-hand to wipe out going over the headwall.

Insane Steep Skiing at Tuckerman Ravine

This professionally produced video from Outside TV showcases two professionial skiers dropping in over the very icy headwall. The mid-winter conditions here are beautifully shot as the duo scores a remarkable windless (!) day atop Mount Washington.

Skiing Mount Washington—Tuckerman Ravine

This four-minute POV-shot video provides a nice complete tour of a ski trip from the base of Mount Washington to the top and then down again via Tuckerman Ravine, with two overjoyed dogs in tow. A lovely overview of a great Tuckerman ski day.

Vintage Tucks—Backcountry Skiing in Tuckerman Ravine: A History

AMC dug up loads of black-and-white footage and old photographs to document the century-old tradition of skiing in Tuckerman Ravine.

Sledding wipeout

Don’t try and sled down Tuckerman Ravine. It’s really not a good idea.

How Not to Fall in the First Place

Finally, here’s the clip that prompted this post to begin with—a video from earlier this month showing a pair of skiers sliding down the entirety of the ravine.

Perhaps most usefully, the fall led to this outstanding article Northeast Alpine Start, Tech Tip—How Not to Fall while Skiing Tuckerman Ravine, which outlines the conditions and resources you need to have a great, and safe, day of spring skiing in Tucks. Happy spring!

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