Flannelize It: Cushy Flannel Comfort, Cut and Sewn in Vermont

November 14, 2017
Courtesy of Vermont Flannel CompanyFive of the 20 flannel patterns available for lounge pants.

Part of an ongoing series on Northeast-based gear companies.

New England’s winter cold ripples across the landscape, its icy breath seeking entry into your bones. This chilly season, lounge and defeat it instead by basking in the luxurious plush of flannel, hand-cut and stitched in the USA.

The products of the Vermont Flannel Company aren’t for serious outdoor adventure of course—flannel is cotton after all—but they can be a cozy addition to any around-town and kick-back-on-the-couch wardrobe. Based in East Barre, Vt., the company has cut and sewn its products in the USA for more than 25 years; today it has three production facilities and five stores in the Green Mountain State.

I’m a particular fan of warm, comfy pants (I live in fleece pants at home for much of the winter), so I’m most drawn to the flannel lounge pants ($39), which are available in no fewer than 20 different patterns. But flannel can be utilized in many more creative ways than pants, and the company’s complete offerings are extensive. From a hooded flannel pullover  to a flannel robe, a flannel thong (the Vong) to a flannel scrunchie, a “flanny pack” to a dog jacket…if you can flannelize it, the company appears to have done so.

While the company’s double-brushed, tightly-woven, yarn-dyed flannel fabric itself clearly appears to be manufactured elsewhere (the location of origin is not listed on their web site), there’s no question that the husband-and-wife business supports local Vermont jobs and the state’s economy, just like the 26 other Northeast-based companies I’ve profiled over the years help support their local areas.

So stay warm and comfortable and support your Northeast-based gear companies! Here’s the complete list to date.

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