Gear Watch: Hiking Kilts

May 27, 2010

Excellent ventilation, outstanding freedom of movement, and loads of pocket potential—hiking in a kilt has some serious advantages. Kilts have been making some slow, steady inroads into the male fashion world over the past few years. Now they’re transitioning into the outdoor arena as well; several kilts are now available designed specifically for hiking.

Mountain Hardwear Elkommando Kilt
This nylon kilt features full pleats on the front and back; two cargo pockets; a flat, chamois-lined waist for pack-wearing comfort; and an internal snap closure for modesty. $75

Sport Kilt Hiking Kilt
The hiker model from Sport Kilt (motto: “A man in a Kilt is a Man and a Half”), which specializes in a range of kilts for active use. Basic model starts at $79.50, though for an additional fee you can custom order features like internal pockets ($20), belt loops ($12), or a buckle closure ($18). Made in the USA.

Utilikilts Survival Kilt
If you want to check out the ultimate kilt, this is it. Loads of pockets, most of which are detachable; massive storage potential (“maximum capacity is 20 bottles of the survival beverage of your choice”); and a modesty closure system. Unfortunately a cotton-poly blend, so not the best choice for wet conditions. $290

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