Gear Watch: Point 65 Modular Kayaks

August 9, 2011

Looking for a recreational kayak for two? No, wait, for one? Used to be that you had to buy two separate boats to have both. Now you can have it all with a single modular kayak from Point 65, a Swedish company that has recently begun offering its wares through L.L. Bean and other U.S. retailers.

Point 65 modular boats separate in the middle into a front and aft portion. Two simple cam buckle systems (the “Snap-Tap System”) secure the sections together and can be attached or disassembled in under a minute. (It’s true; I tested one out this past weekend.) To convert the boat into a tandem, simply add in a third middle section and voila! you have a boat built for two. Not only do you gain versatility, you can also avoid strapping the boat to the roof of your vehicle (assuming you’ve got a roomy SUV or truck that can accommodate the sections, which range from 4-foot-8 to 5-foot-7).

Point 65 offers two models: a sit-on top design called the Tequila! and a closed cockpit design dubbed the Martini. (Note: Please, please don’t drink either while you’re on the water.) Most retailers sell the kayaks as solo boats ($579 for the Tequila! at L.L. Bean) with the middle section sold separately ($400). The Martini is $750 and $549, respectively. (L.L. Bean doesn’t stock it yet; it’s new this year.)

The concept is so simple, it’s remarkable that this type of boat is a recent innovation. I would expect other boat manufacturers to jump on board (hah) in the years ahead.

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