Growing AMC’s Reach: AMC Outdoors Print Magazine Shifts to Quarterly Publication

AMC Outdoors
Ryan SmithJohn Judge details AMC Outdoors’ new print and digital publication schedule.

This issue of AMC Outdoors marks another green branch in the magazine’s evolutionary tree—and there have been many such branches in its 86-year run: more than one name change, the big leap from black and white to color printing, and an increased emphasis on editorial quality, to name a few. Now we’re embracing a shift from bimonthly to quarterly publication, and I hope you will, too.

The change comes at a time of environmentally friendly investments in communications across AMC, and it supports the important work of growing our membership in ways that will only strengthen our legacy. After all, our roots are as a club, with our value derived largely from our connections with each other, from summit to summit and from hut to hut, across political boundaries and across generations.

A quarterly press schedule will allow us to focus more intently on those connections. We know we can bring more color and clarity to the existing dialogue among members, volunteers, and staff that this magazine underpins. We also know that to grow and to celebrate AMC’s story in all the ways it deserves, we need a warm fire in the center of our digital camp. So, in addition to the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter print issues of AMC Outdoors, we’ll deliver monthly digital magazine content via our newsletter, chock full of web-exclusive articles, videos, slideshows, and other multimedia features. will run even more of the great stories you already enjoy, and you’ll be able to connect right away with the places and people behind them. Enjoy that piece about Mohican? Click to request a reservation. Concerned by those images of the recent storm blow-downs? Volunteer or support a trail crew on the spot. Activity and interactivity are what we’re all about, and we hope you’ll have fun finding more ways to get involved.

There will be more for you in your mailbox, as well. More content. Sharper points of view. An upcoming design refresh, reaffirming our commitment to recycled paper. These are changes born of an itch to experience life richly, to explore it more fully, to do everything a bit more skillfully than the time before—and to do it always with the authenticity of purpose and posture that you expect from every corner of the Appalachian Mountain Club.

When a story comes alive on the pages of AMC Outdoors, in print and online alike, if we’ve done our job right then it comes alive in your home, too. We’re always grateful to be invited in, and we’ll take care to leave our boots at the door.


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