What to Wear for Cross-Country Skiing

February 3, 2014

The number one mistake made by novice cross-country skiers: overlayering. You generate a lot of body heat as you ski. Here’s what to wear for cross-country skiing.

  • A warm base layer is sufficient to keep you comfortable in all but the most arctic conditions. 
  • Heat-stealing wind is a major concern. Wear a lightweight, wind-resistant top and bottom or invest in a layer designed specifically for cross-country skiing. They often feature a wind-resistant front and more breathable back for optimum comfort. 
  • Form-fitting clothing helps maintain your full range of motion. Avoid baggy jackets, which can interfere with your poling. 
  • Bulky gloves can encumber your pole grip; thinner, wind-resistant styles are ideal for most conditions. If it’s very cold, consider a pair of “lobster-claw” gloves, which split your fingers Vulcan style into two finger pockets, increasing warmth while still providing good dexterity.
(Photograph by iStock.)

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