Stay Fueled for Winter Sports with High-Energy Food

February 10, 2014

You can easily burn 4,000 calories a day or more on a cold-weather adventure, which makes it crucial to consume sufficient high-energy food for body heat and go-power.

  • Carbohydrates, especially simple sugars, provide the fastest energy and should be your primary source of daytime calories.
  • Energy bars and candy bars turn into rock-hard bricks in the cold. Keep them warm in a pocket inside your layers or your teeth and jaw muscles will suffer.
  • Easier eating alternatives include fig bars, crackers, and hard pretzels, all of which pack significant (75 to 125) calories per ounce.
  • Break up chocolate into little pieces that quickly melt in the mouth. A Thermos of hot chocolate provides quick energy and a delicious way to hydrate. If you’re camping in the cold, load up on fat-rich foods for dinner, which provide sustained energy for nighttime warmth.
(Photograph by iStock.)

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