How Your Hut Stay Supports the AMC Mission

AMC mission and the huts
Ryan SmithAMC’s president, John Judge, explains how your hut stay supports the AMC mission.

If you’ve visited AMC’s huts, lodges, camps, and other destinations, you’ve likely noticed the feeling of rejuvenation that comes from experiencing spectacular places amid like-minded lovers of the outdoors. In this fast-paced world, a hike to a backcountry hut or a paddle from a waterfront wilderness lodge can help you slow down, breathe deeply, and savor the moment.

These experiences are good for the soul. They also support AMC’s mission: There’s a connection between your stay and our ability to take kids from city neighborhoods camping for the first time, to conduct clean air research, and to maintain your favorite trail. Proceeds from AMC lodges and huts allow us not only to provide a richer educational experience at each location but also to help us share those experiences with others.

Take our newest destination, Harriman Outdoor Center in New York’s Harriman State Park. Completely refurbished by AMC’s construction crew, the center opened last summer with a wide range of lodging choices. It’s a great spot for hiking, as well as for swimming and paddling in beautiful Breakneck Pond. Chances are you’ll meet a Youth Opportunities Program group when you visit. Your support makes it more affordable for our youth-agency partners to introduce YOP participants to the outdoors.

And then there are the long-time favorites. Visit Joe Dodge Lodge or the Highland Center in the White Mountains, or Cardigan Lodge in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region, and you may run into one of our A Mountain Classroom groups. This popular AMC program helps local North Country students better understand and appreciate the natural resources in their backyard.

Our coming-soon destination—Medawisla Lodge and Cabins in Maine’s 100-Mile Wilderness region, set to open in July—promises recreation galore for hikers, paddlers, anglers, skiers, and mountain bikers, and we’re working with local partners to expand the multiuse trail network there and on surrounding lands. Your stay in a self-service or deluxe cabin benefits AMC’s Maine Woods Initiative, which in turn supports our land conservation and recreation work.

Of course, other types of financial support are crucial. The construction of Harriman and Medawisla relied on our Leadership Giving Initiative. With this backing, we’re providing the places and the experiences to make lasting, positive differences in people’s lives.

We have many other destinations throughout our region. Pick your preference and enjoy. And know that your soul-soothing experience—even if accompanied by a sore muscle or two—supports AMC’s protection of the mountains, rivers, forests, and trails of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

To borrow a phrase from the esteemed former AMC huts manager Joe Dodge, our goal is to say to as many people, from as many backgrounds as possible, “The latchstring is always out.”


  • Request a reservation for your next stay at an AMC hut, lodge, or camp by e-mailing or calling 603-466- 2727.
  • Find a new place to stay with AMC.
  • Consider supporting projects like the Camp Dodge renovation with a gift to the Leadership Giving Initiative. Contact Gary Gresh at or 617-391-6593.


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