Winter Warriors – AMC Outdoors

January 9, 2004

AMC Outdoors, January/February 2003

By Madeleine Eno

When you saw this year’s first snow fall, did you stash your hiking boots and hang up your pack? Is skiing or visiting in-laws the only reason you’ll drive north until spring? If so, you may want to reconsider: there’s a whole world of winter hiking out there to be discovered. We asked some new and seasoned fourth-season hikers to share wisdom, and a few caveats, from their White Mountains journeys.

Madeleine Eno is Publisher and Co-editor of AMC Outdoors.

Visit the links below to read about five, fourth-season hikers.

Winter Warriors, intro  |  Michael Saletnik  |  Mohamed Ellozy  |  Garrett Banuk
Eric Jackel |  Anne Gwynne

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