Made in Maine Dehydrated Meals: Good To-Go Delicious?

February 22, 2016

Based in Kittery, Maine, Good To-Go produces one of the best-tasting dehydrated meals I’ve yet tried. And unlike the gazillion-ingredient sodium bombs that have long dominated the ‘meal-in-a-bag’ backpacking market, Good To-Go focuses instead on simple ingredients (you can pronounce and recognize all of them) and uses far less salt.

To prepare the meals, you simply pour a cup of boiling water into the bag, reseal it, and let it sit for 20 minutes. Then open and enjoy. Four offerings are currently available: Thai curry, classic marinara with penne, smoked three bean chili, and herbed mushroom risotto. The latter three are all vegan; the Thai curry is suitable for pescatarians (it contains fish sauce).

My friend Chris and I had the opportunity to sample all four meals this past week. In order, here were our preferences.

  • Thai curry: This was by far the best of the lot, a deeply flavorful yellow curry dish with rice, coconut milk, vegetables (broccoli, green beans, peas, and cauliflower) and a subtle but welcome spicy kick at the end. Highly recommended.
  • Smoked three bean chili: A nice smoky flavor with tart dried tomatoes were a plus though it lacked the spicy zing we both expected from a chili.
  • Herbed mushroom risotto: An earthy flavor was the signature note in what was otherwise a somewhat bland and mushy dish.
  • Classic marinara with penne: Our least favorite by far. An unappetizing appearance (“looks like zombie guts” said Chris) and an overly sweet sauce were both turn-offs.

Good To-Go meals are available in either single- or double-serving sizes ($6.75 and $11.50 respectively; each serving contains 340- 460 calories, depending on the meal). You can order them online or find them at a range of retailers in the Northeast.

I must admit that I’ve never been much for pre-made dehydrated backpacking meals, but I would definitely consider the Thai curry option for a future trip. It was delicious—and a dinner option that I certainly could never prepare on my own in the backcountry.

I will also say that these types of meals are an excellent option for winter camping, when easy-to-prepare dinners are always welcome. (Indeed, Backpacker magazine gave Good To-Go an Editors’ Choice Snow Award in 2014.) And buying from Good To-Go helps support our local outdoor gear industry right here in New England!

This post is part of an ongoing series profiling Northeast-based gear companies. Here are the 27 other companies I’ve profiled to date:

Disclaimer: I received four meal samples from Good To-Go for this review.

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