Is That a Moose in Your Pocket? Made in Maine by Rogue Industries

May 31, 2018
COURTESY OF ROGUE INDUSTRIESThe wallet’s asymmetrical design, shown here in moose leather is built to match the shape of most front pockets.

This post is part of an ongoing series on Northeast-based gear companies; see a running list below.

Based in Standish, Maine, Rogue Industries produces distinctive leather wallets made in Maine that are remarkable for several reasons.

First, they feature an odd design that is square on one end and curved on the other. Why? They’re designed specifically for carrying in your front pocket and are cut accordingly, to match the shape found in most pants; the curved end goes in first. The reason to carry your wallet in the front rather than the back pocket is straightforward: Sitting for long stretches on a lumpy wallet on just one side of your butt can cause or exacerbate all kinds of physiological problems, especially back pain and sciatica. (Read about six exercises that give back pain the boot.) There’s also a secondary benefit, especially for travelers: It’s much harder for pickpockets to lift from your front pocket than the back.

Plus, these wallets—part of Rogue’s Made in Maine Collection—are available in a variety of unusual materials, including moose and bison leather, deerskin, salmon skin, and even recycled baseball glove and football leather. Each runs $55 and comes with either six card slots for up to 12 cards or three slots and an ID window. (You can also get a traditional cow leather version for $45.)

The company sources its materials from a variety of locations, including a local Maine tannery and for the salmon skin, an aquaculture facility in Iceland. Although its moose leather  comes from the Pacific Northwest—”It’s hard to find a good moose leather supplier,” notes cofounder Wells Lyon—the company assembles and stitches all of its Made in Maine items in Lewiston, Maine.

While I personally use an ultraslim Allet for my ongoing back-pocket wallet habit, I am swayed by the overwhelmingly positive reviews of Rogue Industries’ offerings (a near-universal 4.5 stars on Amazon for all of its products) and may well make the switch next time my wallet needs replacing.

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