A Move With a Mission: AMC Headquarters Relocates to Charlestown

AMC headquarters
Ryan SmithJohn Judge discusses the new YOP and AMC headquarters in Charlestown, Mass.

From the windows of our offices at AMC’s new headquarters in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood, you can see the masts of the U.S.S. Constitution in the nearby Navy Yard, as well as the distinctive, and much newer, Zakim Bridge—both reminders of the city’s rich history of innovation. It’s exciting to be a part of that continuum as we settle into 10 City Square, following our move from the Joy Street location AMC occupied for more than 90 years.

We also have a new training space and gear room in Charlestown at 6 Spice Street, primarily supporting our Youth Opportunities Program (YOP). This new space ensures we will continue to serve local youth and youth leaders by providing the training and gear they need to get outdoors while also offering the potential to serve as an urban base camp for chapters and community groups in the future.

The new headquarters provides efficient space for our exceptionally talented staff to work collaboratively, helping people make closer connections to the outdoors while ensuring the mountains, waters, forests, and trails we rely on for recreation and spiritual renewal are appropriately protected. And we do this work while following eco-friendly practices. We have outfitted our new space with locally sourced office furnishings and environmentally friendly flooring materials and paints, for instance. Over the longer term, we will be looking at ongoing energy conservation measures, including the potential for on-site renewable energy sources. 

We’ll also make our space available to AMC groups and other partners seeking a location for events and trainings. As we look ahead to AMC’s next 100 years, we aspire to create an outdoor hub that inspires and supports the local and regional community by providing outdoor programming, training, and gear. From its start in 1876, AMC has been an urban organization with the desire and drive to explore, enjoy, and protect the outdoors—whether a city park or a vast wilderness expanse. These are our roots, and we remain committed to those ideals today.

It’s exhilarating to celebrate this momentous move to a new space that can better serve AMC’s organizational needs and mission well into the future. We just moved into Charlestown in September, and it already feels like home.


  • Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities to visit and celebrate our new headquarters.
  • Take a stroll through Charlestown. Several historical features, including the Freedom Trail and Paul Revere Park, are just steps away.
  • Consider supporting our move with a gift. AMC is offering a select number of naming opportunities at 10 City Square and 6 Spice Street: program space, conference rooms, and the YOP gear room. For details, contact AMC’s chief development officer, Jennifer Norris, at jnorris@outdoors.org.

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