Plants of Mount Washington

October 1, 2007

A couple pauses on their hike to pose in the alpine zone on June 29, 1919. Mount Adams serves as their backdrop. AMC began documenting alpine plant species as early as 1900, when a list of plants collected in the Alpine Zone was published at a Field Meeting on the summit of Mount Washington. A total of 105 species were documented, and 10 more were added to the list during the 1907 meeting. Members also received a revised “Plants of Mt. Washington, N.H.” pamphlet in 1920 so they had access to the latest catalogue of species.

Images seen here appear courtesy of the AMC Library and Archives. Duplicates can be ordered for a fee. Funds support efforts to preserve the club’s historical collections. Contact Library and Archives at 617-391-6629, visit the website, or send an e-mail for details.


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