Is Santa Claus an Outdoor Enthusiast? The Photos Say Yes

December 23, 2014

The guy lives at the North Pole, where there’s no shortage of snow. Plus he’s got a team of flying reindeer to get him wherever he wants to go during the off-season.

As the holiday season approaches its exhausting crescendo, you’ve got to wonder: What does the big man do to unwind post-Christmas? As the indisputable truth of the Internet reveals, he’s clearly headed outdoors.

Being Santa means training year-round with a sack of toys in hand. Here Santa practices his carving techniques without poles—an essential sack-toting skill. Photo:


Santa takes a break from elf management to check the waves, fat-tire wheelie style, and get pumped for his approaching post-Christmas vacation. Photo:


Woo-hoo! Surf’s up at Santa’s secret break. Who knew he had a dog (that surfs no less)! Photo:


Training continues as Santa hits the trails and tests out a potential new ultralight system for toy-hauling. Photo: Hyperlite Mountain Gear


Santa teaches the ropes to a new elf hire at a recent team retreat. Photo:


And don’t worry, Santa is prepared for global warming and the inevitable melting of all summer Arctic ice. Here he trains on a pair of cross-water walking skis. Photo: ABH20

Merry Christmas!

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