Tracking Pipelines Near You

October 25, 2017
AMC is closely monitoring proposed energy projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, including the Northern Pass transmission line and the PennEast and Mountain Valley pipelines.

With environmental conservation at the core of its mission, AMC closely monitors energy-related projects in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. When those projects infringe on natural resources, AMC weighs in and often takes action.

AMC has been involved in evaluating and commenting on windpower projects for more than two decades and was instrumental in developing legislation, passed into Maine law, providing greater protection for high-elevation habitats. AMC also keeps an eye on initiatives in the very earliest stages of development, such as following all requests for proposals (RFPs) solicited by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. AMC has called for these proposals—for long-term clean-energy contracts designed to help the state meet its mandated reductions of greenhouse gas emissions—to be evaluated on even more environmental criteria than the state presently considers, including potential impacts on land, water, and scenic resources.

Below, we take the temperature of some of the current project proposals in our region and how AMC is responding.



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