Winter Gear Primers

December 26, 2009

Now that Christmas has come and gone, are you left with a stack of gift cards and Christmas cash? And are you itching to use it to outfit yourself for some quality winter adventure? Here then is an in-depth round-up of my past Equipped magazine columns that focus on cold-weather gear, all drawn from the extensive AMC Outdoors archives. Read up before you invest—you’ll make a better, more informed buying decision!

Four-Season Tents
For any overnight winter adventure, you’re going to need some warm and sturdy shelter. A quality four-season tent is a significant investment that should last you for years. Make sure you’re buying the right one for your needs!

Few things are as miserable as postholing through knee-deep snow. For many backcountry winter adventures, you’ll need a good pair of snowshoes to provide flotation and traction.

Whether you’re interested in cross-country or downhill, the first step in shopping for ski equipment is understanding the extensive jargon that surrounds it. Study up with this primer.

An essential item for keeping snow out of your boots, gaiters range in price from $20 to $60 and up. What’s the best style for you?

Long Underwear
No matter what you’re planning to do this winter, you won’t have much fun if you’re cold. One of the best—and most versatile—items of gear you can buy is a great pair of long underwear.

GlovesFreezing fingers are no fun. Learn how to properly fit gloves and determine the best, warmest glove system for your upcoming adventures.

Crampons and Ice Axes
Crampons are essential equipment for any winter adventure over slick, icy terrain. Add in an ice axe if you’ll be venturing into steep, snow-covered, above-treeline environments.

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