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September 20, 2016
Energy Projects
Proposed energy projects threaten the outdoors

Summer is a busy time at AMC.  Perhaps you’ve joined us for a trip, visited a hut or lodge, volunteered your time on a trail work day, or introduced someone to the outdoors.  Our conservation policy, trails, and research staff have been busy too!

Here are just a few of the issues that we have been working on in conservation:

White Mountains
Better views from the White Mountains can be had with stronger Haze Rules

Across the Northeast, our supporters and staff work tirelessly to protect the outdoors. We’re driven by your voices, your experiences, and your concerns for the future of our public lands.  Our conservation work takes many forms, but most importantly it’s driven by your passion for the outdoors.

Perhaps you’ve explored our new website and found engaging new content about where we work; our efforts on climate and energy; and our response to threats posed by poorly planned energy development projects such as Northern Pass. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend heading to our landing page, where you can also browse our conservation accomplishments from years past.

This is our inaugural post of a new conservation-focused blog to help us stay in regular touch with you about breaking conservation issues. We also want you to know what we’re working on, and we want to hear your comments and feedback.  But perhaps most importantly, we want you to join us in standing up for the outdoors when your voice will have its biggest impact.

Speaking up for Climate
Speaking up for Climate

Our next post is going to focus on how you can join with AMC to speak up on a handful of federal policy issues that Congress just can’t seem to get done, such as the budget and continued authorizations for programs that fund the protection and management of our region’s open spaces, namely the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). We will be asking Congress to #FinishTheBusiness through the end of December, because 2017 will usher in both a new President and a new Congressional session, bringing not just new faces, but also wiping clean the entire slate of bills that had been discussed but never passed into law over these last three years or so.

Our e-mail based Conservation Action Network is our primary vehicle to alert you when a timely opportunity exists to speak up for the outdoors. Sign-up today if you are not already a member!

National Public Lands Day on September 24th is another great opportunity right around the corner to celebrate the outdoors and to give back.  It is the largest, single-day volunteer effort for public lands. But really, every day is public lands day for AMC, with trips, advice, advocacy, and so much more from Maine to Washington, D.C.  Not only can you search for an outdoor activity through AMC, but you can also search for conservation-related events, perhaps finding opportunities to plug-in locally by attending an evening program, a rally or tabling event, a trail work party, or even to give back as a conservation volunteer with your local chapter or camp.

Stewarding the Outdoors
Stewarding the Outdoors

We want to hear from you! What issue, conservation topic, or component of our conservation work do you most want to learn more about? You can post below using your Facebook account or email us at

Stay tuned–our conservation blog will be an active place to learn, engage, and share.

Susan Arnold

AMC’s Vice President for Conservation, Susan Arnold, joined the AMC in 2003.  As Vice President for Conservation, Susan oversees AMC’s policy, research, and trails departments, and is responsible for coordinating AMC’s overall conservation mission and strategy. She has lived in New Hampshire for thirty years, and grew up spending time outdoors in the Northeast and Midwest. She serves as Chair of the NH State Parks System Advisory Council, Chair of the Board of Directors of Conservation New Hampshire, and is a member of her town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.  She loves hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, and kayaking, and shares a home with her husband, a dog and two cats, and a daughter who visits occasionally from the West Coast.