Tell Congress to #FinishTheBusiness

November 16, 2016

Congress has until the end of December to pass this critical legislation. Tell them it’s time to #FinishTheBusiness.

With the election behind us, one thing hasn’t changed: AMC remains committed to ensuring that the outdoors has a strong voice in Washington D.C., a voice that was heard loud and clear on election day as voters all across our nation approved billions of new dollars for open space protection.

Another thing that hasn’t changed is the need to #FinishTheBusiness. Critically important conservation needs are still on the table such as permanently reauthorizing and fully funding the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

In January, 2017 the President-elect & a new Congress will take office. While their priorities are still to be determined, rest assured that AMC will not back down from standing up for the conservation needs of our region, such as protecting special outdoor places, improving air quality, and ensuring that our parks and trails are adequately funded and well-maintained.

But this week, Congress is back to work and needs to hear from you. If these pressing conservation issues are not addressed by our current Congress, all the work of the past two years starts anew with an uncertain fate.

Speak up today, the Outdoors needs you.

Susan Arnold

AMC’s Vice President for Conservation, Susan Arnold, joined the AMC in 2003.  As Vice President for Conservation, Susan oversees AMC’s policy, research, and trails departments, and is responsible for coordinating AMC’s overall conservation mission and strategy. She has lived in New Hampshire for thirty years, and grew up spending time outdoors in the Northeast and Midwest. She serves as Chair of the NH State Parks System Advisory Council, Chair of the Board of Directors of Conservation New Hampshire, and is a member of her town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment.  She loves hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, and kayaking, and shares a home with her husband, a dog and two cats, and a daughter who visits occasionally from the West Coast.