Be Prepared for Trail Conditions with Proper Pre-hike Planning

Huntington Ravine Trail
AMC StaffLooking up the Huntington Ravine Trail

With the hiking season under way, hikers are reminded to prepare for their hikes by consulting topographic maps and hiking guides before hitting the trail.

Trails in the White Mountains vary in their level of difficulty. The Huntington Ravine Trail is especially challenging. In addition to a detailed trail description, here’s what AMC’s White Mountain Guide and White Mountain Guide Online have to say about the Huntington Ravine Trail:

Caution: This is the most difficult regular hiking trail in the White Mountains. Many of the ledges demand proper use of handholds for safe passage, and extreme caution must be exercised at all times. Although experienced hikers who are reasonably comfortable on steep rock will probably encounter little difficulty when conditions are good, the exposure on several of the steepest ledges is likely to prove extremely unnerving to novices and to those who are uncomfortable in steep places. Do not attempt this trail if you tend to feel queasy or have difficulty on ledges on ordinary trails. Hikers encumbered with large or heavy packs may experience great difficulty in some places. This trail is very dangerous when wet or icy, and its use for descent at any time is strongly discouraged. Retreat under unfavorable conditions can be extremely difficult and hazardous, so one should never venture beyond the Fan in deteriorating conditions or when weather on the Alpine Garden is likely to be severe. During late fall, winter, and early spring, this trail (and any part of the ravine headwall) should be attempted only by those with full technical ice-climbing training and equipment. In particular, the ravine must not be regarded as a feasible escape route from the Alpine Garden in severe winter conditions.

More details on this trail and other trails are available with AMC’s White Mountain Guide Online.

Also as part of proper preparation, hikers should pack along important safety items, often referred to as The Ten Essentials.

AMC recommends that hikers follow the hikeSafe Hiker Responsibility Code.

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