Crystal Cascade – Tuckerman’s Hidden Gem

September 12, 2015
Crystal Cascade – September 2015

At the base of 6,288′ Mt. Washington on the east side is the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, the most popular hiking trail on the mountain. While the summit is most often the main objective, it’s not the only reason to venture up Tux.

Approximately 15 minutes up the trail, tucked into the side of the mountain, is Crystal Cascade. To get there, follow the dirt and rock trail about .5 miles up before turning left over a wide wooden bridge that crosses the Cutler River. Just past the bridge and 20 yards to the right is a stone staircase leading up to an overlook of the beautiful volcanic vent waterfall.

crystal-cascade---the Cutler River
The Cutler River – May 2015

There are several spots for viewing the Cutler along the way, which flows strongly during spring melt and after a good rain.

The hike is suitable for all ages and skill levels and a favorite for families with small children. If you’re staying at Joe Dodge Lodge or just passing by, it’s well worth the easy ascent. If you’re here for a longer hike up to one of the ravines or to the summit, be sure to take a few minutes to stop and enjoy the views.

Crystal Cascade (still with snow) – May 2015

The hike is listed in the AMC White Mountain Guide and is found on AMC Map #1 for the Presidential Range.

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