Sunset Adventuring

October 9, 2015


I always seem to find myself above tree line when the sun is setting. This is not the best time to be hiking unfortunately, but it does make for an interesting and somewhat dangerous adventure.

Heather and I started our hike one fateful Tuesday after our morning shift. We headed out to Glen Boulder Trail with the hopes of getting to the main attraction, Glen Boulder, and back before dinner was served. The trail is a relatively easy and family friendly one (although there is one section towards the end that is mildly difficult, but easily passable if you’re careful). The view we got of Pinkham notch was fantastic! Panorama pictures do not do it justice.

We also saw some beautiful alpine flowers!

From this point, we made an interesting decision. We checked our packs, realized we had just enough gear, and decided to adventure to the summit of Mt. Washington. This would have been a fine decision if it stayed light out the whole hike!

Sunset adventuring 2

We hit Slide Peak and got some awesome views of the whole mountain range surrounding us!
We reached the summit of Bootspur just in time to get a beautiful view of the sunset in the mountains. Unfortunately, my camera died shortly after this, so the second half of our adventure will remain undocumented.

Sunset adventruing 3
Here’s Heather on the way to Bootspur Peak.

At 9:15pm, we reached the summit of Mt. Washington. This is not something I would recommend to anyone. We were in complete darkness, and the moon was nowhere near full. We did have headlamps, but they can only do so much after a point.

sunset adventure 4

When you’re up there, you really realize how much you are at the mercy of the mountain. Once the sun set, the trails were near impossible to follow and the cairns are difficult to see (not to mention, they look like people and pop up out of nowhere!)

We were incredibly humbled by the mountain and the situation we got ourselves into.

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