Northern Pass: What’s at Risk

December 5, 2016

The months of November and December are active for the NH Site Evaluation Committee (SEC) Northern Pass permitting process, in that interveners must file their testimony with the SEC by December 30th.  With close to 150 intervening parties (the vast majority of which are opposing the project as proposed), this makes for a deluge of evidence and materials that the SEC members (and the Applicant) are expected to absorb.

To break through this overwhelming mass of written words, a group of Coos County landowners in NH’s North Country who are intervening in opposition to the project put together this stunning 21 minute video that captures the special beauty of this landscape and the communities and culture embedded in it.

Protecting this region of New Hampshire has long been a focus of AMC’s research and policy advocacy as we work to ensure the health of the region’s Northern Forest.  Its desecration from a new clear-cut swath of transmission corridor with towers over 100 feet tall is a key component of our opposition to Northern Pass as proposed.  An intimate interconnection of land and culture has developed in this region for more than two hundred years, and informs its special blend of spectacular scenery and historic villages and homesteads. For powerful insights into the people and places of this part of northern New Hampshire, and to better understand why AMC opposes the Northern Pass project as proposed, I urge you to take the time to watch this video.

Susan Arnold

AMC’s Vice President for Conservation, Susan Arnold, joined the AMC in 2003. As Vice President for Conservation, Susan oversees AMC’s policy, research, and trails departments, and is responsible for coordinating AMC’s overall conservation mission and strategy. She has lived in New Hampshire for thirty years, and grew up spending time outdoors in the Northeast and Midwest. She serves as Chair of the NH State Parks System Advisory Council, Chair of the Board of Directors of Conservation New Hampshire, and is a member of her town’s Zoning Board of Adjustment. She loves hiking, swimming, skiing, biking, and kayaking, and shares a home with her husband, a dog and two cats, and a daughter who visits occasionally from the West Coast.

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