Simple ways to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day

April 21, 2020
Paula BurtonParadise – an AMC Earth Day artwork contest winner

Are you looking for ways to honor the environment this Earth Day? As we celebrate the 50th anniversary, let’s start thinking about what you can do today and every day to help protect our planet.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, you can still contribute from home while adhering to physical distancing and stay-at-home advisories. It needn’t be a grandiose effort – simple daily activities can make a huge impact. It’s as easy as making a choice or adding a new routine. Whether it’s deciding to shop eco-friendly brands, going meatless one night a week, or opting to bike instead of driving your car, you’ll be contributing to the health and improvement of the environment.

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can help:

Shop eco-friendly brands. Many brands like Patagonia and Allbirds produce products that align with their mission to help save the planet.

Go meatless. Even if it’s just one night a week, this small effort will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to less water usage.

Try a meatless meal once a week

Plant a tree. Both as a symbolic gesture and a means of replenishing the effects of deforestation.

Start a garden. It can be as simple as a few herbs on your windowsill or a vegetable garden in your yard. Save money and reduce food waste.

Reap the benefits of a backyard garden

Go plogging. The next time you head out for a run or jog, bring a bag to collect trash along the way. Run with a purpose and burn more calories picking up litter than running alone!

Compost. Speaking of trash, instead of dumping your food waste in the garbage, start a composting pile. It’s a great way to reduce methane build up in landfills.

Repurpose jars. Use for drinking glasses, flower vases, or food storage. Decrease the amount of waste at recycling centers.

Repurposed jar as flower vase

Analyze your use of plastics. Particularly one time uses and commit to a few ways of reducing these purchases.

Buy local. Shop local stores to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Ride a bike. If you have the option to ride instead of driving your car – go for a spin instead. Reduce emissions while getting some exercise at the same time.

Choose to ride your bike instead of driving

As you can see, a few simple gestures go a long way to help save the planet. What will you be doing this Earth Day to contribute to the cause?

If you’d like to join AMC in our efforts – feel free to sign up for our Conservation Action Network (CAN), contribute to the Alpine Watch Project, or share your story. We’d love to hear from you!

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