Meet a Teen Trail Crew!

August 25, 2017

The New England Trail was lucky enough to have not one, but three of AMC’s teen trail crews working on the trail this summer. The last crew finished up their time on the trail earlier this month, but before they left the teens and the Southern New England staff took the time to tell us a little about themselves, their experience, and what goes into fixing a trail!

The Project

The problem: Each crew spent a week on section 4 of the NET, working to fix a steep and hazardous part of the trail. Given the grade, and soil type, the trail had widened to about 5 feet, and was beginning to become entrenched, due to water running down the trail.

The original tree alignment.

The solution: Decommission the existing steep 150 feet of trail. Install new trail, at sustainable grades to eliminate the steep section of trail. New alignment quadrupled the length of this section of trail, in order to reduce the grade to 10-15% grade.

The reroute was flagged in early spring.

How did we do it? The AMC’s Teen Trail Crew, Southern New England Region worked in Partnership with the AMC’s New England National Scenic Trail (NET) Coordinator, and the AMC NET Trail Management Committee to flag a new alignment. Then AMC Teen Trail Crew (meet part of the team below!), spent 3 weeks cutting new trail tread, installing grade control devices, and building stone structures. In total over 500 feet of new trail was created!

The new trail.

The Crew

Lydia Yuhas – AMC Trail Crew Leader
Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Dream Job: Wildlife Rehabilitator for animals preferably. I want to help as much as I can and have always been into healing and helping things/creatures in need.
Why work on trails? There’s not much to do around my town during the summers and I have always been a huge hiker so instead of just hiking though I’d give the behind the scenes thing a try. It is so incredibly satisfying to see all the work we’ve done as a crew, and that because of our work other people will be able to enjoy the outdoors more safely.
Crew Highlight: Playing cards at camp after a long day on the trail, and telling riddles.
Favorite Trail Tool: Pulaski!

Ethan Radcliffe – AMC Trail Crew Leader
Hometown: Delanco, NJ
Dream Job: Park Ranger for the National Park Service.
Why work on trails? Good resume builder, be in nature all summer, gratification from accomplishments.
Crew Highlight: Trailside swimming holes.
Favorite Trail Tool: Pulaski

Samuel Cheever – AMC Volunteer
Hometown: Boston, MA
Dream Job: Lawyer, then I can improve people’s experiences in life.
Why volunteer on trails? I volunteer on trails in an attempt to save the forest, and improve the natural experiences of hikers. Every trail is necessary to connect the web through nature.
Crew Highlight: I loved bonding with amazing people my age and polishing a trail that will be safely enjoyed by hikers, and will last longer than the original trail.
Favorite Trail Tool: Pulaski or Double Jack

Aayush Bagul – AMC Volunteer
Hometown: New Hyde Park, New York
Dream Job: I want to go into Environmental Law so I can do my part as a good human on this beautiful planet.
Why Volunteer on Trails? I volunteer at AMC to meet amazing people and get in touch with my natural side. Being from New York, I don’t get the chance to really be in greenery. AMC was the perfect outlet for me.
Crew Highlight: I thoroughly enjoyed watching the sunrise and sunset every day from our camp at Noble View Outdoor Center.
Favorite Trail Tool: Pulaski- the versatile axe.

Ben Wohlhueter – AMC Volunteer
Hometown: Wales, MA
Dream Job: To be determined
Why volunteer on Trails: Why Not? I’ve always liked hiking and being outdoors, this seemed like a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and give something back.
Crew Highlight: I enjoyed crew life. Getting to know the Crew Leaders, and Crew Members throughout the week.
Favorite Trail Tool: Pulaski

Jackson Elweli – AMC Volunteer
Hometown: Boston, MA
Dream Job: Lawyer, because I can represent those without a strong voice of their own.
Why volunteer on trails? In Massachusetts, trails are misused, or under maintained every day. I wanted to pitch in and help out the community to make trails safer and more welcoming for users. Also, this is a great wait to gain community service hours.
Crew Highlight: Spending breaks trying to solve ridiculous riddles, as well as trying new foods
Favorite Trail Tool: Pulaski

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