Replacing Speck Pond Shelter

September 26, 2016
Speck Pond Shelter
Speck Pond Shelter, built in 1968, will be replaced by June 2017

I’m a nostalgic person. I love antique shops, old, outdated objects like type writers, and rotary telephones. Anything that looks like it holds a story captures my attention. But, there comes a time in every backcountry shelter’s life when we must face the music, and make way for something new.

I am proud to announce that by June 2017 there will be a beautiful new shelter at AMC’s Speck Pond Campsite, in the center of the Mahoosuc Range.

Deconstruction of the 48-year-old shelter will begin during the week of September 26, 2016. And by mid-October the foundation for the new shelter will be set.

The construction of the actual structure, designed by John Nininger of Vermont’s Wooden House Company, who also designed Eliza Brook, Kinsman, and Garfield Shelters, will begin in May 2017.

On the shores of Speck Pond

If you have had the pleasure of staying in any of the shelters listed above, then you know John’s talents and craftsmanship are unparalleled. The new design will stay true to the Adirondack style of the old shelter. John has had a long history with AMC dating back to the 1970s when he was a member of our trail crew, building Guyot Shelter and Carlo Col Shelter. We couldn’t be more pleased to have John design and construct the new Speck Pond Shelter.

To minimize the inconvenience to hikers, we will build a temporary shelter on one of the existing platforms at Speck Pond. During the winter months, the site’s platforms will still be open for use. The old shelter, built in 1968, served its time proudly, providing shelter for hundreds upon hundreds of sleepy heads.

Its memory will live on to those who called it home, if only for a night. While I and the AMC Trails Department have a deep love for traditions and history, we also know when it is time to embrace the new. We couldn’t be more excited about the new Speck Pond Shelter!

**Update** AMC crews successfully removed Speck Pond Shelter at the beginning of October. The site is now ready for the new shelter to be constructed starting in May 2017.


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