Who’s out and about on the New England Trail?

6 months down, 6 to go! Meet some of the hikers who have completed the Hike50 New England Trail Challenge. Are you next?

The Hike50 New England Trail challenge is well underway with over 1,000 participants coming from 16 states and 4 countries! For some, the trail winds through their backyards, but for others, the NET is a drive or a plane ride away! A big thank you and good luck to participants near and far who have signed up and are hiking, running and volunteering their way towards completing the challenge.

80 patches have been sent out so far to participants from CT, NH, MA, and RI! Have you started your challenge yet? Remember, you have until December 31, 2018 to earn 50 points and receive your patch. You can earn points by hiking, volunteering, attending events, and much more! For a full list of alternative activities and to learn more, click here.

Meet some of the people who have taken the Hike50NET Challenge by storm!

Each participant below has taken the challenge to heart in different ways and has designed an experience that fits their lifestyle. Challenge completions range from volunteers who earned their points by clearing brush to new hikers who used the challenge to explore their backyards. We have heard from several solo hikers who used the trail to guide self-reflection and reconnect with the landscape. Those more drawn to group activities have completed their challenge by joining weekly community hikes along the New England Trail. Read on below to hear some of our favorite stories from the first half of this challenge!

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Gabriel Chevalier

AMC's New England National Scenic Trail Data Management Associate